Three Amigos Summit

Last Wednesday, the three “head honchos” of the North American countries met in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol.

President Nieto of Mexico, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and President Obama were all there to declare solidarity on critical issues facing their nations. And what were these “critical issues,” exactly?

We know the top two at least, because of the massive emphasis placed on them:

  1. “Gay Rights” – various homosexual iterations, particularly “transgenderism” (gender dysphoria) – and Social Justice
  2. Man-Made Climate Change, the most creative plan for wealth redistribution ever devised by progressive man

Down-list was the effort to conquer Western Civilization by occupation, disillusionment and destruction, delivered by radical Islamists. (Now simply called violent extremists.)

Maybe that meeting should have been titled “The Three Stooges Entertain Ottawa.”

Originally Published July 4, 2016


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