Two Choices

The Year of the Fed Up American

Americans are really tired. No, more than tired; that implies weariness, which is painfully evident.

They’re tired of being held down by the boot of progressivism and repeatedly lied to. The indifference of those in the GOP, elected to oppose the Regime in two landslide historic elections, speaks volumes.

“Fool me twice…” American citizens, voting citizens, are fed up. They’ve had enough with the cavalier attitude of the so-called “political ruling class.”

They are fed up with the constant, oppressive drumbeat of political correctness; stifling speech, association, conscience, and religious expression. Thought control through education, then followed by force.

Americans are fed up with the excuses given for our loss of respect throughout the world, in particular among the nations of the West; the “free” countries that once relied on our strength, fortitude – and reliability. Who believed we honored treaties.

The people are fed up with their shrinking household incomes buying less, as federal, state and local government spending continues to balloon; taxpayer dollars spent on frivolities that add nothing to their families’ well-being. Unemployment, or reduced employment, pushing the “American Dream” out of reach.

They are fed up with the escalating costs of education, health care and other essentials while those here uninvited, illegally, are shown preference over American citizens. Little concern is shown by our immigration agencies as alien invaders raid our national pantry of its goods and services.

American citizens are indeed weary, and fed up, with the excuse of compassion as a reason for lawlessness and indifference regarding our nation’s sovereignty.

On the Left, progressives supporting the Socialist-Democrat Party haven’t gotten enough from government and turn toward the “free college” candidate. They want more government control over our lives and are in lock-step in that regard. Freedom, for them, is secondary to the comfort of the hammock provided by government.

Leftists have an intense dislike for our nation as founded and seek to change it.

Over on the Right, people want less government in their lives, fewer restrictions and more decision making on their own. Independence and freedom are paramount; they move to candidates that promise a smaller nanny state and individual liberty. Conservative Americans believe in the country as founded, dislike the way it has been disfigured and transformed. Particularly, they seek to restore traditional education and preserve our cultural heritage.

For these tired and fed up American voters in this election year, what they want is straight forward – far simpler than the media and politicians paint it to be.

Choose more intrusive government and less control over your destiny? Then you should vote for the Left in the guise of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Do you want less government control, to keep more of your paycheck, and to pursue your American Dream? Then you should vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

You can choose between Socialism and Capitalism; the choice is in your hands.

If only more Americans understood the difference between the two. Leftists who riot in mobs outside of Trump campaign rallies for pay certainly think they do.

Clutching their “Bernie” signs, the Left knows what they want and will take it by force if need be. If they get their way, the future won’t be bright for those who love America as we have known it.

We have two choices; only two.

Originally Published March 21, 2016


White Privilege

‘Diversifying’ the Military

At a debate in Flint, Michigan prior to a Fox News Channel town hall program, Socialist-Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had noted that “white people” don’t know “what it’s like to be poor.” The myth of “white privilege” as a racial wedge of the Left will now be used in the 2016 elections and ignored by the GOP.

Apparently, Bernie has never traveled the majority white small towns in and around the Appalachian Mountains in western Virginia, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. Obviously, Mr. Sanders has not bothered to tour the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

He should make an effort. There are plenty of “white poor” in those geographic areas, and the vast majority of what we call “poor” people in this country are white.

As all dedicated socialists, Bernie believes young black men are victims of an unjust society, oppressive since it was created. He believes black Americans are held back and held down by “white privilege” fostered by a corrupt political system and an economic system that creates inequality.

If only progressives would stop the group warfare, the identity politics, and pay attention to individual liberty. Looking at people as individuals is nearly impossible for a progressive, particularly a life-long Marxist like Bernie. If he did so, Bernie would have to find another way to control “the people,” white or any other color. And so would our imperial president.

We have seen the ridiculous, warped “white privilege” curriculums in many of our enlightened institutions of higher education and, sadly, it now creeps into our lower grades to corrupt younger children.

But that’s not the complete scheme of the twisted Obama Regime agenda, to “get them while they’re young.” When you cannot take advantage of inexperience and ignorance, use force to gain adherents.

The Obama Regime has instituted “diversity training” for our armed forces, but it has nothing to do with diversity and everything to do with instilling racial division.

Last April, a “white privilege warning” appeared in a slide show presentation given to personnel who were attending a U.S. Army Diversity Briefing:

“Privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to another simply because of the group they belong to, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do.”

It explained further,

“Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual regardless of your social class.”

Judicial Watch, the organization that uncovered this diabolical abuse of military training, also exposed documents in military training materials that labeled conservative organizations in the U.S. as “hate groups” and described them as “politically charged in a hateful fashion.”

That list includes evangelical Christians, members of the NRA, Tea Party movement members, supporters of traditional marriage, pro-life groups, etc. Generally, anyone who’s conservative.

And, since there are lots of patriotic conservatives who proudly serve in the armed forces of this nation, how can the branches of our military complete the transformation to a gentler, milder, more compassionate “force for good”? And how can they possibly understand “white privilege”?

Their attitudes must be changed; to accept things formerly unacceptable, to embrace practices and priorities that have no place in an effective military unit.

The social experimentation laboratory formerly known as the Armed Forces of the United States of America once existed to defeat any enemy, protect the nation and defend the Constitution. It killed enemies and destroyed things; that’s what it’s for.

It shouldn’t be used to make social engineering a profitable career for progressive bureaucrats or to pretend “white privilege” can be found in the U.S. Navy SEALs.

Originally Published March 14th, 2016.

Confusion and Chaos

This headline appeared on March 12, a day after the anti-Trump protests at the University of Illinois, Chicago: “Fascists v. Leftists: Chicago, America at the Boiling Point

The problem is that it was not found on a confused liberal website or taken from a Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points Memo.”

It was the headline on the RedState/The Morning Briefing!

Once more, even some on the Right are confused by the Left, or the difference between the two. Fascism, Marxism, and Communism are ALL varieties of Socialism; all totalitarian systems to benefit elite leftists.

So, how can Leftists be against themselves, unless it’s simply to confuse the Right?

Oh, I get it; more chaos…

Originally Published March 14th, 2016.

Nancy Reagan

A vibrant, confident woman who won love and respect as First Lady now rests alongside her beloved husband, President Ronald Reagan. She was called home to her Savior on March 6, 2016 at the age of 94.

Nancy Reagan was half of a wonderful team; a lady who brought class to the People’s House (as she knew it was) and fully complemented her mate.

This nation was blessed to have her as long as it did, as it was to have her husband.

Originally Published March 14th, 2016.

Silencing Speech

Fascists mobilize once more

Called over by a cable news reporter, the young woman momentarily stepped aside from the mob to be interviewed. “What brought you out to do this?” the reporter queried.

Enthusiastically, she responded, “We’re part of history… we shut this down!”

At the University of Illinois, Chicago campus last Friday, March 11, a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally was canceled after a leftist mob of students and others (the young woman included) had gathered to “protest” the event, then began to push their way into the stadium prior to the start of the rally to shut down a speech.

The epithets by the mob had escalated, leading to some assaults on Trump supporters. When his supporters began to push back, the Trump campaign called off the rally in Chicago due to “safety concerns.”

In another example of mob mentality, a young male disrupter proclaimed, “The City of Chicago has spoken! We don’t want him here!” Obviously referring to Donald Trump as “him” the reporter neglected to ask the young man when he canvassed the entire population of Chicago to get that opinion. The city had not spoken; only the radical academics, indoctrinated students and rent-a-mob activists, waving their preprinted signs furnished by and wearing slogan shirts provided by #BlackLivesMatter. They knew they were there to deny the free speech rights of Trump.

In the days prior to the disruption of the Trump rally in Chicago, President Obama publicly called for a “cooperative” Republican Party; a “successful” party, one that obeys his agenda. Of course, that also means it would have to serve as a foil for blame when his disastrous policies fail, as they will inevitably do.

But Barack Obama’s agenda is the demolition of the Republican Party. He has repeatedly defined his political opponents as “enemies” – and his radical followers, on campus and off, take his statements at face value. In the case of the IRS his words, and those of Socialist-Democrat leaders, were taken as a directive. The Republican Party leadership listened to Democrat advice and lost elections, so the plan was working.

That is, until Donald Trump.

Our imperial president has urged his minions to get in their “neighbors’ faces” and use the intimidation tactic that the Left is famous for: silencing speech.

The president remains close friends with a domestic terrorist who helped cause the turmoil and led the radicals in the 1960s in the same city. Bill Ayers was seen speaking at an event earlier last Friday in Chicago, just prior to the anti-Trump protest. President Obama and those on the academic Left have seeded the fields with radicals for years and the crop of hard left extremists is ready for harvest.

Place the word “RACIST” in bold caps on a website’s header, with Donald Trump’s face inside the “C,” and 11,000 radicals respond to silence free speech.

On the Left, in the world of Soros, Ayers,, the Center for American Progress, etc., send word via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Where speech isn’t practiced according to the Left, political correctness rules; a right to express oneself freely doesn’t. They will respond.

Indoctrinate millions of young minds with fascist tripe in colleges and universities across the land to despise our nation and disrespect its founding principles. Promote incivility, redefine oppression, create division, demonize free speech as “hate speech” and intimidate opponents as intolerant bigots. Then you can stop speeches in Chicago… unless free people choose to respond.

WeThePeopleOriginally Published March 14th, 2016.

No worries…

President Obama’s template from the 2012 election hasn’t changed; his agenda holds.

“Osama bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run. The Islamic State is a JV team, no threat at all to the U.S. Iran is our new ally in (control of) the Middle East with no sanctions, $150 billion in frozen assets released and even $400 million paid in interest owed. The U.S. is paying Iran to continue to perform its tasks as the leading state sponsor of Islamic terrorism and to develop a nuclear capability to threaten other nations. And we’re going to close Gitmo.”

Barack Obama’s foreign policy (always reorganize the community in favor of tyranny) is a huge, authoritarian success.

Originally posted March 7, 2016

Reinventing Reality

Leftist rewriting of U.S. History, uncontested

When the state-run media jumped on Donald Trump for a failure to “disavow” David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) on a Sunday talk show a week ago, Hillary Clinton launched on Mr. Trump with blow after blow of disparaging remarks, even though Mr. Trump had done his “disavow” duty repeatedly just a few days before.

If there’s an opportunity to shout the word “bigot” or “racist,” Leftists are plentiful and will jump at the chance, as some of us found while scouring the press after the accusations against Mr. Trump.

I discovered, however, there was little pushback from establishment Republicans, despite the target of Hillary Clinton and her sordid past, particularly her comments at the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd (DWV) a few years ago:

“Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor, Robert C. Byrd.” She went on to laud the fallen Democrat senator’s “surpassing eloquence and nobility” and appreciated “his devotion and friendship” to her and her husband, Bill Clinton (whose mentors in Arkansas were also racists).

Mrs. Clinton described Senator Byrd as “the heart and soul” of the U.S. Senate and praised his “fierce defense of the Constitution.” She said he “left an indelible imprint on our nation.” And indeed he did.

At 24 years of age, Robert Byrd had joined the Ku Klux Klan because he felt he may have to fight alongside black Americans in World War II or, as he described them in a letter expressing his fear and displeasure at the time, “race mongrels.”

In the 1930s, as Grand Kleagle of the KKK, Byrd was responsible for recruiting and retaining young racists. In that office, he no doubt educated his racist recruits in the fine art of Klan vocabulary used to describe a large segment of the human race.

Robert Byrd is enshrined, along with another Hillary mentor, eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, as a Democrat icon, worthy of respect and admiration. Mrs. Clinton looked up to Byrd as an honorable man and likely
still does. And because he was of the Left, his legacy is unapproachable. His life of racism is unquestioned, since its very existence is part of the history of the Left.

Racism in this country has its roots among Democrats, since long before the War Between the States, and present day Socialist-Democrats use it at every turn, to vilify and destroy their political opponents, accusing them of what the Left really does. The Left simply reinvents reality.

A perfect example is the complete inversion of the long-term associations of the Klan. Present day progressives have tied the actions of the supremacist Klan to political entities on the Right, when core beliefs and practices of the Klan are solidly on the Left. Their ties to fascist groups is one example. Another is simply their history. As author and columnist Jeffrey Lord has described it, the KKK was for decades “the shock troop arm of the Democrat Party.” Used as it is today, the modern Republican establishment should think it still is; but observing their actions, they don’t connect the dots.

Every time the charge of “racist” is thrown at them, election cycle or not, at town hall gatherings or in Congress, instead of opening the pages of history and exposing the threads of racism throughout the party of the Left, the GOP cowers in fear, even though the allegations of racism are completely false.

For some reason, the party of Lincoln cannot defend itself from the former proponents of slavery, even though Jim Crow laws were the invention of Democrats.

It’s amazing how history can be rewritten and reality reinvented, its known facts ignored, with little objection or outrage from the supposed “opposition” party.

Why should the Republican Party give the Socialist-Democrat Party a pass? Why allow the abuse of history, misleading people with a reinvention of “racism” reality?

EnoughReadTheConstOriginally published March 7, 2016

Judicial Thievery

“This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.” Justice A. Scalia

Yet the Republican Party Senate leadership continues to approve revisionist candidates to the U.S. Supreme Court, pandering to a despotic president.

Originally published March 7, 2016

Patriot’s Side

It only took a few minutes in the latest Fox News Channel “debate” for the four remaining Republican Party presidential contenders to descend into a pigpen.

Last Thursday’s exhibition in Detroit was yet another exercise in mud slinging instead of a discussion on issues and a real debate of positions regarding those issues.

Once more, fourth place runner-up Ohio Governor John Kasich attempted to do his best to stay out of the mire. The Fox News moderators, however, were again only interested in the “outsiders” (Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz) and their juvenile battles with “insider” Senator Marco Rubio.

The moderators did their best to multiply the sleaze and heighten the tensions for effect. Media-driven debates are no longer about educating the public to make intelligent decisions concerning candidate selections on Election Day. It turns out they’re all about personal attacks and destroying a field of candidates. So it’s more of a “duh-bate.” The intention is for the media to steer the election where they wish it to go, away from informed discussion and toward vulgar verbal personal assaults. After all, that’s what ratchets up the ratings. Citizen voters are expected to follow the advice of the network pundits, after the insults and the next commercial break.

This “show” degenerated into a Trump Rubio food fight, very little debris hitting Cruz and virtually none touching Kasich. It was obvious that Rubio’s debate coaches told him to verbally attack Trump, which he did, embarrassing himself and looking desperate. Trump punched back, as expected.

The media-driven debate circus is getting awfully tiresome and worthless to voters, aside from the TV entertainment aspect. As crème pies were thrown at the contestants by the moderators, they didn’t seem to do any appreciable damage to Trump.

There has to be a way to stop the circus.

If only more of the contenders for the presidency would use the same response John Kasich did, when a leading question was tossed his way: “I’m not biting.”

Repeating that response to ego-driven, “celebrity” moderators would be quite satisfactory… until the next debate.

Originally published March 7, 2016

Panic Attack

The RNC grasps at straws… calls Mitt

“The Democrat Party, led by President Obama and his administration, is out to destroy the Republican Party. They are out to make the GOP insignificant; to move them away from their traditional, conservative base, force them to moderate, and therefore divorce them from any chance of success at winning future elections. All efforts by the Democrats point to this.” Hoosier Patriots Monday Morning Newswire,2013

In 2016, it seems that the new Socialist-Democrat Party will achieve their goal: Completely marginalize the GOP by separating it from its conservative base.

Republican leadership continues to refuse to expose the Socialist-Democrats for who they are and acknowledge what they are trying to accomplish. Reince and Company, in denial, stubbornly attempt to once again moderate their party, despite the Will of the People, in the RNC quest to be the “Party of Nice.” It’s all about the donors.

That’s what their friends on the Left recommend they do to win; scrub the base.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are threats to the status quo the RNC has maintained with their Socialist-Democrat “partners in governing” so they’re out to do all they can to deny either of them nomination as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. Instead of backing Trump’s new, really broad base, they will attack it because they can’t control it, don’t own it.

So panicked is the RNC that they’ve dusted off their weapon of last resort, Mitt Romney. (His father, George Romney, did substantial damage to conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964 so why won’t it work with Mitt in 2016?)

“Let me put it very plainly: If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished,” former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared to a crowd at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City last week, as reported by World Net Daily.

“Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud; his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers.” But Americans have been suckered enough.

Is the Republican Party leadership at the RNC this desperate, to bring out the loser of two presidential contests (2008 and 2012) to tell the party “base” how to win?

Yes; as with Mitt Romney, the RNC is clueless as to what their failure to stop Barack Obama has done to the country… and the people who voted for the GOP. They have no understanding of “who” the enemy of our nation really is. The RNC actually thinks that the “Trump thing” is a temporary political condition!

People are not flocking to Donald Trump due to his love of compromise or his legendary ability to “deal.” They’re pledging their loyalty and votes to Trump because fights the state-run media, refusing to cower before their accusations, and Trump unabashedly stands for America – first – no excuses. He places Americans above citizens of foreign nations, legal or illegal, and he does not view himself as a “global citizen.” His supporters, blue-collar Reagan Democrats, Independents, and conservative Republicans, know it, drawn to him because he is out to win, not to settle.

Trump is a product of American ingenuity that GOP leadership doesn’t understand. So they’re in a panic over the loss of their power structure that’s taken decades to build. “Insider” Marco Rubio is failing and Mitt only drives more voters to Trump. If the RNC rigs it for the donors, they’re done.

Why not let the people decide?


Originally published March 7, 2016