Premeditated Chaos by the Left

The radical Left is well-versed in mob mentality, with a resume full of violence and treachery going back decades in this country. They own the tactics of organized mayhem and manufactured chaos.

In San Jose, California last week, thugs rioting outside a Donald Trump rally screamed epithets at a woman in a “Trump” shirt, assaulting her with eggs. After being hit by a bottle she realized how dangerous her position had become and ducked back into the building where the rally was held.

Signs waved by thugs called out “Reconquista!” and “F*** Trump!” Mexican flags were hoisted high and American flags were burned. Criminally attempting to squash the First Amendment, young Latino males, faces covered by bandanas, flashed gang signs; others threw punches at Trump supporters exiting the venue who were attempting to make it to their vehicles.

As rioters chanted “Make California Mexico again!” the damage done to our civil society by our open borders policy was vivid. San Jose Police officers stood by, motionless, nightsticks held in abeyance as they observed the mayhem. They did nothing to stem the violence. After the melee, San Jose’s Democrat mayor blamed Donald Trump as the cause of the civil unrest.

Fox News Channel covered similar leftist riots earlier in May in Albuquerque, New Mexico and San Diego, California. Several of their barely-informed program personalities persisted in asking the question, “Who’s behind this?”

“Democracy Spring” is a consortium of George Soros-funded “troublemakers and other miscreants” as recently defined in The Washington Times. This hard-left “consortium” would rather destroy civil society than let anyone hear what Donald Trump, or any other GOP candidate, has to say.

Yet we continue to see headlines like “Trump’s rally erupts in violence.” The rally didn’t “erupt” into anything except enthusiasm. The RIOT staged outside the rally was violent. And who are some players we can expect to see participate in these staged riots from the Soros consortium?

SEIU and other unions will take part, as they have in the past, pushing for power and control, and suspension of free speech. Even though Trump intends to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country, the unions now profit from the flow of illegals.

Black Lives Matter will be represented, of course. The $30+ million that Soros threw into Ferguson as seed money for BLM wasn’t wasted. They’ll be active because Trump wants to reform the education system to help black families succeed, enlisting help from Dr. Ben Carson. If black children can be educated to be independent instead of indoctrinated to be dependent, there goes the future power-base of the perpetually racially aggrieved.

Occupy Wall Street, the Obama Regime supported amalgam of socialists, fascists, communists and anarchists, naturally opposes Trump; he’s a capitalist and wants smaller government, so OWS will be there. will participate wholeheartedly, their policies as radically left as Soros’ (and funded by him). Founded in the Clinton Era, the organization’s purpose was to protect political plans of the Clintons.

College Students will be included in the mob’s membership thanks to indoctrination by Marxist professors, who taught them to despise Capitalism. Besides, they have politically correct “safe zones” to protect!

Finally, Code Pink will disrupt as many Trump events as they can. He wants to rebuild the military; that can’t be allowed

We have a stark choice offered this fall. Choose your sovereign nation and the ideas it was founded upon, or take the path of the invaders and the tyranny their mentors will bring. The Soros consortium does not believe in the First Amendment – or any others. “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

Renewed prosperity or Dark Ages 2.0?

It’s going to be a long, leftist summer.


Originally Published June 6, 2016


Return Fire

Punching Back at the State-run Media

Last Tuesday, in a press interview at Trump Tower in Manhattan, Republican Party presidential candidate (and likely nominee) Donald Trump laid away the state-run media as the poseurs they are. (And please, let’s dispense forever with the notion of “mainstream media” – there’s nothing mainstream as to where the media sits on the American political spectrum.)

For decades, particularly the last two presidential contests and the prior two Republican administrations, conservatives and traditional Republican Party members have begged GOP leadership to defend themselves; return fire to the corrupt media.

At this “presser,” Donald called out one reporter as “sleazy,” and proceeded to knock down one accusation after another.

Unlike other Republican presidential candidates in recent primary seasons, Trump does not politely duck and cover under media pressure. He meets it head-on. There’s no Karl Rove slithering here; Donald is not afraid of the media, nor does he think he owes them explanations. If anything, he knows he builds their market share.

Confronting media accusations over his fundraiser for American military veterans, held during a skipped debate in Iowa earlier this year, he laid out the details of how much he collected and how much went where of the $5.6 million donated so far.

The unreported contrast is what Mr. Trump gives to veterans’ groups vs. what Mrs. Clinton and Senator Sanders give. This was not mentioned to any appreciable degree by the press in their coverage after the event at Trump Tower. The difference in charitable activity is so stark, in the interest of protecting their own, it went largely unreported. The state-run media simply whined at what they perceived was an unfair attack on them by Donald Trump. (The press should know by now that if it’s foolish enough to set a match to Donald’s tent, he will torch theirs with a flamethrower.)

Donald Trump’s personal contribution and those he solicited at his veterans’ charity event back in January went 100% to the veterans’ groups chosen for funding. Zero percent was eaten up by administrative cost; Trump covered that himself.

By contrast, the Clinton Foundation appears to give 0% of its vast wealth to veterans’ groups, as far as is known. (This may change to delay the inevitable, adverse exposure.) Broadly, however, the family’s money-laundering operation, known as the Clinton Foundation, donates roughly 10% of its funding to charitable causes, versus 90% that goes to “administration” (Bill & Hillary’s expenses, i.e., living, travel, etc.)

The Bernie Sanders Campaign has not stepped forward to offer an accounting of his contributions to charities (or veterans’ groups). Of course, ardent socialists, like most activists on the Left, do not support charities that hold traditional values, such as veterans’ organizations. The objective of Socialism is to create more need, not lessen it; they thrive on increasing dependency not alleviating it. So their lack of charitable conscience is true to form. They believe in government redistribution of wealth, not the selfless act of personal “giving.”

Donald Trump will make many more converts after his “return fire” last week. Now if the media chooses to scrutinize Hillary’s cash flow, like raking in $21 million in speaking fees in just two years, the playing field could be leveled. Until then, Trump should continue to question the media’s integrity, and gather more support.

Thankfully, he won’t listen to RNC or Romney advisors telling him to back off. And it’s refreshing to see a Republican who understands why it’s the “state-run media.”

Originally Published June 6, 2016

Promises, Promises

We heard it back in 2000, in Bush vs. Gore. And again in 2004, the voices were raised when Kerry challenged Bush.

The same celebrities repeated the oath in 2008… If Barack Obama lost to John McCain in the presidential election they would flee the country.

Now, in 2016, if Donald Trump wins the presidency many celebrities swear they will emigrate to Canada: Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rosie O’Donnell, John Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, and Lena Dunham have all made the promise: “Trump wins, we’re gone!”

If only they will keep their word this time. (Don’t hold your breath, they are progressives!)

Originally Published May 2, 2016

Tepid Two-step

A mild-mannered governor almost takes a stand

Later that day, George F. Will, columnist and media pundit, described the  governor’s understated behavior as “tardy, timid, late and inconsequential.”

Earlier, Indiana governor Mike Pence had been at the microphone of WIBC in Indianapolis. A lack of excitement in the governor’s statement that afternoon, unfortunately, is typical; standard fare for Hoosiers hearing pronouncements from their mild-mannered chief executive.

“Well, this is a very exciting time for Indiana…” he sighed, dispassionately.

Ostensibly, Governor Pence went on air to tell the residents of his state which presidential candidate in the Republican Party he would support. That is, almost.

“I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field…” He opened by heaping praise upon Donald Trump. “I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans… and I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for Hoosier jobs… I’m grateful
for his voice in the national debate…” He acknowledged his admiration for neighboring Ohio governor John Kasich, but was really grateful for Trump. Then Governor Pence admitted who he would vote for; matter-of-factly, as if an afterthought.

“I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz.”

When I viewed the video coverage from the WIBC studio, I discerned no appreciable change in expression on the governor’s face; just the same concerned look he always wears; no enthusiasm.

Pence went on, in the course of the radio interview, to praise Ted Cruz for his unwavering stands on principle and “the courage of his convictions.” The same conservative principles, Pence said, that drew him to “the party” so many years ago.

One would get the impression, however, if one listened while preoccupied, that Governor Pence was actually supporting Donald Trump for the Republican nominee. After the time spent lauding Trump versus the time he used to highlight the case for Cruz, it would be an obvious conclusion.

“I respect the views of every Hoosier… I urge every Hoosier to make up their own mind… I wanted to make my decision known.” He offered to support “our party’s nominee, whoever that might be.” When prompted, “Who can beat Hillary Clinton?” Pence responded, “I’m for anybody.”

Contrast the lukewarm behavior of Governor Pence regarding Ted Cruz and the genuine enthusiasm of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, toward the same candidate, and the difference is stark. When Governor Walker used the word “endorse” it was emphatic, no explanation necessary. Pence, however, never intended to use it.

Indiana’s primary election on May 3, at least in the presidential sense, may very well decide the “presumptive” nominee in the Republican Party’s presidential race. And this is the level of excitement a sitting
Republican governor of that state exhibits?

Governor Pence reminds me of the old, Cold War Potemkin Village concept so favored by the masters of the once-enslaved Eastern Europeans; presentable frontage, but when you peer behind the façade there’s
little structure; sometimes none at all.

His failures to take “Alamo” positions on critical issues over the last four years (Common Core, natural marriage, the RFRA, and this session, the SO/GI debacle) exemplify his reticence toward endorsement… or a tepid non-endorsement. But then, he did say, “I’m not against anybody.”

Originally Published May 2, 2016.


The Panic Persists

Desperate Times at the Party of Accommodation

Over the last seven years (and the G. W. Bush years prior) conservatives have watched Republicans in Washington cut deals with Democrats, violating our Founding Principles and ignoring the Constitution. Weakening our nation causes them no discomfort.

They break promises repeatedly, yet continue to make promises they have no intention to keep. They abandon their responsibilities under the Constitution, offering no actions to check the growing power of an increasingly dictatorial president. Although they have constitutional authority to check activist courts that redefine or invent law and can override the Supreme Court, no effort comes from a Republican Congress.

Yet, when an election comes around, the RNC extends its hand, asking for our support to fund the continuance of the status quo and careers of moderate incumbents.

Washington, DC will never be free from the corruption of progressive, incumbent Republicans, who are the crux of the problem, if we keep electing them. These careerists are more interested in “cutting deals” with Democrats than defending our Constitution or restoring of our culture.

The last thing constitutional conservatives need is the perpetuation of establishment Republicans who now hold office; who daily betray our principles in the pursuit of expediency of an agenda. And the RNC plans to do all within its power to preserve the “Party of Accommodation.”

Depending on how far the RNC wants to go, they can again ignore voters (as the RNC has in the past, rewriting rules at the 2012 convention in Tampa to shut out Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party activists), rewriting the rules as often as necessary.

But, in the world of the RNC and their consultant dependency, the donors fuel the machine, literally. Trump can complain about “rigging the election” and Cruz can scoop up available delegates every day, but the donors feed the RNC.

The “American Unity Fund” is a consortium of political donors to the Republican Party who are pressing that the official
party platform accommodate liberal inventions such as same-sex “marriage” (or, more accurately, mirage) and other immoral issues that are certain to widen the party’s growing chasm between establishment (moderate) party stalwarts and the evangelical (and conservative) base. You know, the base Jeb Bush loved to loathe. Platform writers at the RNC are heavily influenced by the donors. Principles are sidelined in favor of accommodation. So, in essence, it’s business as usual for 2016.

The middle-class bulk of the electorate is looked upon as an economic negative. As some RNC consultants proclaim, it’s just the “angry, white middle class.” Repeating from the Democrat script, “It’s all those uneducated, Bible-thumping hicks.”

RNC fear of Trump and Cruz is palpable. They are afraid that, if either of them is elected in the primary, their nomination will cause an electoral backlash in the 2016 general election, handing Mrs. Clinton a resounding win. GOP leadership is even afraid that a Hillary victory will have a landslide effect; an avalanche that will also return control of the House and Senate to the Democrats in 2018. No proof of this exists; it’s all conjecture. But they’re in panic mode; grasping for excuses.

On April 26, Trump took primaries in all five states that day; all 60 counties, some with wins as large as 60% of votes cast. GOP consultants dismissed it as “expected.”

Even Ken Cuccinelli with the Cruz campaign, when asked about the 5-for-5 Trump sweep, excused it as, “We don’t win in those states anyway.” No big deal…

The anti-Trump forces at the RNC are becoming desperate; they still think the outsider phenomenon is temporary, that they can “ride it out.”

News for the RNC… this isn’t just a splash in the ocean.

It IS the ocean. And high tide is Cleveland.

Originally Published May 2, 2016

Patriot’s Side

As the 2016 presidential primary election season unfolds, it’s amazing how many American voters don’t understand the primary election process of either major political party.

Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire presidential primary election for the Democrat Party, but Hillary Clinton grabbed the majority of delegates. She will continue to build her lead, whether in elections or caucuses, because of the loyalty of her pledged “super-delegates.”

Republican Party presidential primary candidate Senator Ted Cruz captured delegates in Wyoming and Colorado by convincing fence-sitters at state conventions to pledge to his candidacy. These legal actions, performed by candidates throughout Republican Party primary history, were met with shouts of “Foul play!” and “Unfair!” by candidate Donald Trump. His supporters, when interviewed by the state-run news media, were certain the “system is rigged.”

Of course it’s “rigged.” The leadership “establishment” in both major political parties has long manipulated delegates in a system designed to deny outsiders who challenge the party hierarchy’s hold on power and prestige. The 2012 RNC National Convention rule changes to favor Romney are an example. Candidates such as Trump, Cruz and Sanders are not supposed to be the presidential nominees of their parties.

Pamela Adams, writing on April 19 at asked, “We complain about the system but what have we really done to stop it? We moan and whine about the establishment running everything but what have we really done to change it?”

If you haven’t been paying attention or understand the process, you think it’s rigged. If you feel that way but don’t change the primary election process of your party, don’t bother complaining.

In his Farewell Address of 1796, President George Washington warned Americans of “the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party”… groups seeking power at the expense of the common good and the rights of others. Once more, we have not heeded the warnings of our Founders.

Originally Published on April 25, 2016


Misdirection and sloppy analysis

A comparison was once made that conservatives were those who operate on a belief system and progressives were those who operate solely on opportunity.

Although the disparity between the two is not that simplistic, progressives did use another opportunity to spread chaos last month. The Left’s animosity toward a civil society and that society’s treasured right of free speech was on full display in Chicago on March 11. No doubt the progressive statists will replay the Chicago performance elsewhere in the months to come, to hone their ideological fervor before their major mob action staged for the RNC National Convention in Cleveland later this year.

Reasons for this “mob mentality” on the Left are never given by major media, nor explored. This type of behavior would never be exhibited by the Right, but the “why” of this is also never explained. Reluctance to expose the Left’s true intentions is even found daily on the supposedly “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel (FNC).

One can expect loyalty to the Left from the state-run media, since the same ideology permeates their world view. The journalistic education of staff at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. assures it. It’s who they are; what they’re made of.

FNC, early on, was thought to be a counterweight to the “liberal news fodder” of the major networks – an alternative. However, intentionally or not, FNC consistently mischaracterizes conflicts such as that in Chicago, falling back on worn-out phrases such as, “found on the Left and the Right,” or, “both sides are at fault.”

This excuse for the lack of competent reporting and a shallow analysis of events is getting tiresome. Whether in summary statements by pundits or in the content of interviews with political players in current election contests, the pandering is annoying.

Last month, an excellent illustration of this faux fairness of “we report, you decide” was painted by the coverage of the Chicago Left’s spirited welcome for a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally and the refusal to recognize the candidate’s right to free speech. The mob attempted to stop the actual speech, not the hearing of it.

Interviewed on March 12, Republican Party presidential candidate Governor John Kasich said, “Donald [Trump] has created a very toxic environment and it’s really dividing people.” He elaborated that Trump was wrong to “prey on the fears of people” and repeatedly demanded that “Trump needs to stop it… stop dividing people.” The fallacies in his statements are numerous, yet FNC let them hang in the air, unchallenged.

The night before, after broad state-run media coverage glorified the Chicago mob for disrupting the Trump campaign rally, causing its cancellation, another Republican Party presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, and former GOP presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, had offered the same as Kasich, that Donald Trump had instigated the leftist protest in Chicago. Cruz even alluded to a “[Trump] campaign that encourages violence.”

All three are wrong, yet no one on the various FNC broadcasts challenged them on their accusations. Not one commentator reviewed the historical, documented purpose of Leftist mob actions: stop the exercise of free speech.

On his FNC show on Saturday, March 12, Neil Cavuto was put in his place by his guest, former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch. After Neil kept pushing the “both sides are at fault” narrative concerning the Chicago mob’s attacks on free speech, Welch strenuously objected to the ploy.

Despite the evidence of organization by radical leftists for the mob presence in Chicago (George Soros, MoveOn, Bill Ayers, etc.), FNC excused the activity, preferring to point the finger of blame at the Trump organization for stating the obvious.

It’s long overdue that the Left, its players and their purpose, are exposed. There’s nothing balanced about FNC’s coverage.

Originally published April 11, 2016

Two Choices

The Year of the Fed Up American

Americans are really tired. No, more than tired; that implies weariness, which is painfully evident.

They’re tired of being held down by the boot of progressivism and repeatedly lied to. The indifference of those in the GOP, elected to oppose the Regime in two landslide historic elections, speaks volumes.

“Fool me twice…” American citizens, voting citizens, are fed up. They’ve had enough with the cavalier attitude of the so-called “political ruling class.”

They are fed up with the constant, oppressive drumbeat of political correctness; stifling speech, association, conscience, and religious expression. Thought control through education, then followed by force.

Americans are fed up with the excuses given for our loss of respect throughout the world, in particular among the nations of the West; the “free” countries that once relied on our strength, fortitude – and reliability. Who believed we honored treaties.

The people are fed up with their shrinking household incomes buying less, as federal, state and local government spending continues to balloon; taxpayer dollars spent on frivolities that add nothing to their families’ well-being. Unemployment, or reduced employment, pushing the “American Dream” out of reach.

They are fed up with the escalating costs of education, health care and other essentials while those here uninvited, illegally, are shown preference over American citizens. Little concern is shown by our immigration agencies as alien invaders raid our national pantry of its goods and services.

American citizens are indeed weary, and fed up, with the excuse of compassion as a reason for lawlessness and indifference regarding our nation’s sovereignty.

On the Left, progressives supporting the Socialist-Democrat Party haven’t gotten enough from government and turn toward the “free college” candidate. They want more government control over our lives and are in lock-step in that regard. Freedom, for them, is secondary to the comfort of the hammock provided by government.

Leftists have an intense dislike for our nation as founded and seek to change it.

Over on the Right, people want less government in their lives, fewer restrictions and more decision making on their own. Independence and freedom are paramount; they move to candidates that promise a smaller nanny state and individual liberty. Conservative Americans believe in the country as founded, dislike the way it has been disfigured and transformed. Particularly, they seek to restore traditional education and preserve our cultural heritage.

For these tired and fed up American voters in this election year, what they want is straight forward – far simpler than the media and politicians paint it to be.

Choose more intrusive government and less control over your destiny? Then you should vote for the Left in the guise of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Do you want less government control, to keep more of your paycheck, and to pursue your American Dream? Then you should vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

You can choose between Socialism and Capitalism; the choice is in your hands.

If only more Americans understood the difference between the two. Leftists who riot in mobs outside of Trump campaign rallies for pay certainly think they do.

Clutching their “Bernie” signs, the Left knows what they want and will take it by force if need be. If they get their way, the future won’t be bright for those who love America as we have known it.

We have two choices; only two.

Originally Published March 21, 2016

Confusion and Chaos

This headline appeared on March 12, a day after the anti-Trump protests at the University of Illinois, Chicago: “Fascists v. Leftists: Chicago, America at the Boiling Point

The problem is that it was not found on a confused liberal website or taken from a Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points Memo.”

It was the headline on the RedState/The Morning Briefing!

Once more, even some on the Right are confused by the Left, or the difference between the two. Fascism, Marxism, and Communism are ALL varieties of Socialism; all totalitarian systems to benefit elite leftists.

So, how can Leftists be against themselves, unless it’s simply to confuse the Right?

Oh, I get it; more chaos…

Originally Published March 14th, 2016.

Silencing Speech

Fascists mobilize once more

Called over by a cable news reporter, the young woman momentarily stepped aside from the mob to be interviewed. “What brought you out to do this?” the reporter queried.

Enthusiastically, she responded, “We’re part of history… we shut this down!”

At the University of Illinois, Chicago campus last Friday, March 11, a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally was canceled after a leftist mob of students and others (the young woman included) had gathered to “protest” the event, then began to push their way into the stadium prior to the start of the rally to shut down a speech.

The epithets by the mob had escalated, leading to some assaults on Trump supporters. When his supporters began to push back, the Trump campaign called off the rally in Chicago due to “safety concerns.”

In another example of mob mentality, a young male disrupter proclaimed, “The City of Chicago has spoken! We don’t want him here!” Obviously referring to Donald Trump as “him” the reporter neglected to ask the young man when he canvassed the entire population of Chicago to get that opinion. The city had not spoken; only the radical academics, indoctrinated students and rent-a-mob activists, waving their preprinted signs furnished by and wearing slogan shirts provided by #BlackLivesMatter. They knew they were there to deny the free speech rights of Trump.

In the days prior to the disruption of the Trump rally in Chicago, President Obama publicly called for a “cooperative” Republican Party; a “successful” party, one that obeys his agenda. Of course, that also means it would have to serve as a foil for blame when his disastrous policies fail, as they will inevitably do.

But Barack Obama’s agenda is the demolition of the Republican Party. He has repeatedly defined his political opponents as “enemies” – and his radical followers, on campus and off, take his statements at face value. In the case of the IRS his words, and those of Socialist-Democrat leaders, were taken as a directive. The Republican Party leadership listened to Democrat advice and lost elections, so the plan was working.

That is, until Donald Trump.

Our imperial president has urged his minions to get in their “neighbors’ faces” and use the intimidation tactic that the Left is famous for: silencing speech.

The president remains close friends with a domestic terrorist who helped cause the turmoil and led the radicals in the 1960s in the same city. Bill Ayers was seen speaking at an event earlier last Friday in Chicago, just prior to the anti-Trump protest. President Obama and those on the academic Left have seeded the fields with radicals for years and the crop of hard left extremists is ready for harvest.

Place the word “RACIST” in bold caps on a website’s header, with Donald Trump’s face inside the “C,” and 11,000 radicals respond to silence free speech.

On the Left, in the world of Soros, Ayers,, the Center for American Progress, etc., send word via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Where speech isn’t practiced according to the Left, political correctness rules; a right to express oneself freely doesn’t. They will respond.

Indoctrinate millions of young minds with fascist tripe in colleges and universities across the land to despise our nation and disrespect its founding principles. Promote incivility, redefine oppression, create division, demonize free speech as “hate speech” and intimidate opponents as intolerant bigots. Then you can stop speeches in Chicago… unless free people choose to respond.

WeThePeopleOriginally Published March 14th, 2016.