‘News’ with an Agenda

Perpetuating the Progressive Narrative

“Threats Against Muslims Must Stop after Orlando Shooting”… Headlines such as this, reported by the French press, were popping up all over leftist print media in Europe, relaying the mindless concerns from the U.S. state-run media organizations. Not one publication pursued the accusation, nor found the evidence, for “threats against Muslims.”

An MSN News site displayed the title, “After Mass Shooting, a Search for Answers.” But I have yet to find many media sources interested in searching for answers…

In a New York Times editorial on June 15, 2016 this assessment appeared:

While the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear, it is evident that Mr. Mateen was driven by hatred toward gays and lesbians. Hate crimes don’t happen in a vacuum. They occur where bigotry is allowed to fester, where minorities are vilified and where people are scapegoated for political gain. Tragically, this is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians who see prejudice as something to exploit, not extinguish…

As the funerals are held for those who perished on Sunday, lawmakers who have actively championed discriminatory laws and policies, and those who have quietly enabled them with votes, should force themselves to read the obituaries and look at the photos. The 49 people killed in Orlando were victims of a terrorist attack. But they also need to be remembered as casualties of a society where hate has deep roots.

Of course; blame the society not the individual’s twisted theocratic ideology. Finger those “lawmakers” who champion “discriminatory laws and policies” as the culprits. Omar Mateen was obviously driven to kill dozens of innocent homosexuals because of “policies” that discriminated against him, the hate and bigotry fostered by Republicans, although his “precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear.”

On the same date, Teen Vogue Magazine, ran this, by Muna Mire, The Orlando Shooting is Proof that American Culture Fuels Homophobia:

…Omar was the product of American culture. The rage he held in his heart for gay people and perhaps for himself, is the same rage fueling street harassment of visibly queer and gender non-conforming people.

Ms. Mire says it’s the American culture that fosters rage against those “visibly queer.” But Omar Mateen was raised in Islamic culture, driven by Islamist rage and hatred for the West, which condones and even sanctions homosexual behavior as a “lifestyle” – he even said so. He killed infidels for the Islamic State and for Allah.

Another MSN headline appeared on June 20: “Orlando offers lessons on preparing for mass shootings.” You read that correctly. The word they used was “preparing,” not “preventing.” Obviously, they have no plans to prevent anything. Maybe put up another “Gun Free Zone” sign, the most reliable invitation to Islamist butchers…

One clueless host on the Fox News Channel asked, “Is this a new nightmare?”

The answer to that question is, “No.” The massacre in Orlando is the same nightmare as San Bernardino; just another chapter with a different ghoul to deliver the evil carnage. Funny that the proclamation is always the same: “Allahu Akbar!”

Islam is the source of the nightmare and radical Islam IS the nightmare. As long as we allow our state-run media, and those in government they feed, to humanize barbarians who take American lives, then offer misguided, mindless excuses for their evil behavior, our nation will continue to live the nightmare.

We must not allow agenda-driven pundits to blame the United States, our individual liberty and culture, instead of the real ogre, the hallowed “religion of peace.”

It’s time for us to challenge the state-run media’s agenda-driven narrative and to demand they stop the charade that downplays the nightmare of Islamist barbarity.

Originally Published July 4, 2016


Punting Benghazi

Trey Gowdy’s Gift to the Obama Regime

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has filed its final report, all 800 pages of it. The investigation into the massacre of four Americans at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 is complete, after over two years of delays and stonewalling by the administration.

Except it isn’t complete. It’s inconclusive as far as culpability is concerned. The report assesses what happened but no responsibility is assigned and no reasons are divulged. As we’ve come to expect from Congressional Republicans (see Fast & Furious, IRS, EPA, etc.), no boats will rock.

It is beyond doubt that Hillary Clinton e-mailed her daughter Chelsea the very night of the attack on the Benghazi compound on September 11, 2012, stating matter-of-factly that the attack was undertaken by an “al Qaeda-type group.”

That same night the State Department issued a public statement, under Secretary Clinton’s own name, wherein it identified the source of the attack on the consulate not as the al Qaeda group Clinton mentioned to Chelsea, but a spontaneous uprising caused by an inflammatory “anti-Muslim video…”

Two days later, on September 14, 2012, the four flag-draped coffins of the Americans slain in Benghazi were unloaded from the transport aircraft and placed inside a hangar. A brief ceremony honoring their service was performed. At its close, Mrs. Clinton assured the surviving family members that the people “responsible for the video” that caused the deaths of their loved ones would be “found and brought to justice.” She knew this to be totally false.

Hillary Clinton lied to their faces, even though she knew the truth about the massacre. She was aware the “filmmaker” of the nearly unknown video, chosen as the scapegoat for this cover-up, was in custody.

The White House prepped Susan Rice as she prepared to visit five Sunday talk shows the following weekend: “Make sure this isn’t about a broader failure of policy in Libya.” The weapons cache in Benghazi, intended for Syrian anti-Assad “freedom fighters,” must not be exposed. Libya was the administration’s success story: another dictator deposed, the Libyan people given their freedom, courtesy of Barack Obama.

We now know that, as the attack was happening in “real time,” the secretary of state and the secretary of defense were in the White House situation room, discussing and assessing the crisis as it unfolded. Half of that hours-long meeting was spent putting the plan together to blame a video for the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Those present knew what was occurring on the ground in Libya, through live data feeds.

When the attack came, a MAST unit (for the purpose of split-second response to a crisis) was 2-3 hours away, in Spain. After the Marines aboard a staged aircraft were ordered to change from uniform to civilian dress and back again, four times, the order to deploy forces was not given. No help would be sent during the eight-hour attack.

Those responsible for defending the nation and its citizens from harm were figuring how this crisis was to be “spun” for the American public. Only 56 days away from the presidential election and President Obama’s mantra of success against al Qaeda must be preserved. “GM is alive, bin Laden’s dead, and al Qaeda is on the run.”

Maintaining “the narrative” would win the election and keep a president in power. Nothing was more important; not the truth or the lives of Americans in Benghazi who had repeatedly begged for an enhanced security perimeter and were flatly denied assistance for their own defense. Who will be held responsible, Rep. Gowdy?

Originally Published July 4, 2016


Premeditated Chaos by the Left

The radical Left is well-versed in mob mentality, with a resume full of violence and treachery going back decades in this country. They own the tactics of organized mayhem and manufactured chaos.

In San Jose, California last week, thugs rioting outside a Donald Trump rally screamed epithets at a woman in a “Trump” shirt, assaulting her with eggs. After being hit by a bottle she realized how dangerous her position had become and ducked back into the building where the rally was held.

Signs waved by thugs called out “Reconquista!” and “F*** Trump!” Mexican flags were hoisted high and American flags were burned. Criminally attempting to squash the First Amendment, young Latino males, faces covered by bandanas, flashed gang signs; others threw punches at Trump supporters exiting the venue who were attempting to make it to their vehicles.

As rioters chanted “Make California Mexico again!” the damage done to our civil society by our open borders policy was vivid. San Jose Police officers stood by, motionless, nightsticks held in abeyance as they observed the mayhem. They did nothing to stem the violence. After the melee, San Jose’s Democrat mayor blamed Donald Trump as the cause of the civil unrest.

Fox News Channel covered similar leftist riots earlier in May in Albuquerque, New Mexico and San Diego, California. Several of their barely-informed program personalities persisted in asking the question, “Who’s behind this?”

“Democracy Spring” is a consortium of George Soros-funded “troublemakers and other miscreants” as recently defined in The Washington Times. This hard-left “consortium” would rather destroy civil society than let anyone hear what Donald Trump, or any other GOP candidate, has to say.

Yet we continue to see headlines like “Trump’s rally erupts in violence.” The rally didn’t “erupt” into anything except enthusiasm. The RIOT staged outside the rally was violent. And who are some players we can expect to see participate in these staged riots from the Soros consortium?

SEIU and other unions will take part, as they have in the past, pushing for power and control, and suspension of free speech. Even though Trump intends to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country, the unions now profit from the flow of illegals.

Black Lives Matter will be represented, of course. The $30+ million that Soros threw into Ferguson as seed money for BLM wasn’t wasted. They’ll be active because Trump wants to reform the education system to help black families succeed, enlisting help from Dr. Ben Carson. If black children can be educated to be independent instead of indoctrinated to be dependent, there goes the future power-base of the perpetually racially aggrieved.

Occupy Wall Street, the Obama Regime supported amalgam of socialists, fascists, communists and anarchists, naturally opposes Trump; he’s a capitalist and wants smaller government, so OWS will be there.

MoveOn.org will participate wholeheartedly, their policies as radically left as Soros’ (and funded by him). Founded in the Clinton Era, the organization’s purpose was to protect political plans of the Clintons.

College Students will be included in the mob’s membership thanks to indoctrination by Marxist professors, who taught them to despise Capitalism. Besides, they have politically correct “safe zones” to protect!

Finally, Code Pink will disrupt as many Trump events as they can. He wants to rebuild the military; that can’t be allowed

We have a stark choice offered this fall. Choose your sovereign nation and the ideas it was founded upon, or take the path of the invaders and the tyranny their mentors will bring. The Soros consortium does not believe in the First Amendment – or any others. “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

Renewed prosperity or Dark Ages 2.0?

It’s going to be a long, leftist summer.


Originally Published June 6, 2016

Return Fire

Punching Back at the State-run Media

Last Tuesday, in a press interview at Trump Tower in Manhattan, Republican Party presidential candidate (and likely nominee) Donald Trump laid away the state-run media as the poseurs they are. (And please, let’s dispense forever with the notion of “mainstream media” – there’s nothing mainstream as to where the media sits on the American political spectrum.)

For decades, particularly the last two presidential contests and the prior two Republican administrations, conservatives and traditional Republican Party members have begged GOP leadership to defend themselves; return fire to the corrupt media.

At this “presser,” Donald called out one reporter as “sleazy,” and proceeded to knock down one accusation after another.

Unlike other Republican presidential candidates in recent primary seasons, Trump does not politely duck and cover under media pressure. He meets it head-on. There’s no Karl Rove slithering here; Donald is not afraid of the media, nor does he think he owes them explanations. If anything, he knows he builds their market share.

Confronting media accusations over his fundraiser for American military veterans, held during a skipped debate in Iowa earlier this year, he laid out the details of how much he collected and how much went where of the $5.6 million donated so far.

The unreported contrast is what Mr. Trump gives to veterans’ groups vs. what Mrs. Clinton and Senator Sanders give. This was not mentioned to any appreciable degree by the press in their coverage after the event at Trump Tower. The difference in charitable activity is so stark, in the interest of protecting their own, it went largely unreported. The state-run media simply whined at what they perceived was an unfair attack on them by Donald Trump. (The press should know by now that if it’s foolish enough to set a match to Donald’s tent, he will torch theirs with a flamethrower.)

Donald Trump’s personal contribution and those he solicited at his veterans’ charity event back in January went 100% to the veterans’ groups chosen for funding. Zero percent was eaten up by administrative cost; Trump covered that himself.

By contrast, the Clinton Foundation appears to give 0% of its vast wealth to veterans’ groups, as far as is known. (This may change to delay the inevitable, adverse exposure.) Broadly, however, the family’s money-laundering operation, known as the Clinton Foundation, donates roughly 10% of its funding to charitable causes, versus 90% that goes to “administration” (Bill & Hillary’s expenses, i.e., living, travel, etc.)

The Bernie Sanders Campaign has not stepped forward to offer an accounting of his contributions to charities (or veterans’ groups). Of course, ardent socialists, like most activists on the Left, do not support charities that hold traditional values, such as veterans’ organizations. The objective of Socialism is to create more need, not lessen it; they thrive on increasing dependency not alleviating it. So their lack of charitable conscience is true to form. They believe in government redistribution of wealth, not the selfless act of personal “giving.”

Donald Trump will make many more converts after his “return fire” last week. Now if the media chooses to scrutinize Hillary’s cash flow, like raking in $21 million in speaking fees in just two years, the playing field could be leveled. Until then, Trump should continue to question the media’s integrity, and gather more support.

Thankfully, he won’t listen to RNC or Romney advisors telling him to back off. And it’s refreshing to see a Republican who understands why it’s the “state-run media.”

Originally Published June 6, 2016

Tepid Two-step

A mild-mannered governor almost takes a stand

Later that day, George F. Will, columnist and media pundit, described the  governor’s understated behavior as “tardy, timid, late and inconsequential.”

Earlier, Indiana governor Mike Pence had been at the microphone of WIBC in Indianapolis. A lack of excitement in the governor’s statement that afternoon, unfortunately, is typical; standard fare for Hoosiers hearing pronouncements from their mild-mannered chief executive.

“Well, this is a very exciting time for Indiana…” he sighed, dispassionately.

Ostensibly, Governor Pence went on air to tell the residents of his state which presidential candidate in the Republican Party he would support. That is, almost.

“I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field…” He opened by heaping praise upon Donald Trump. “I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans… and I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for Hoosier jobs… I’m grateful
for his voice in the national debate…” He acknowledged his admiration for neighboring Ohio governor John Kasich, but was really grateful for Trump. Then Governor Pence admitted who he would vote for; matter-of-factly, as if an afterthought.

“I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz.”

When I viewed the video coverage from the WIBC studio, I discerned no appreciable change in expression on the governor’s face; just the same concerned look he always wears; no enthusiasm.

Pence went on, in the course of the radio interview, to praise Ted Cruz for his unwavering stands on principle and “the courage of his convictions.” The same conservative principles, Pence said, that drew him to “the party” so many years ago.

One would get the impression, however, if one listened while preoccupied, that Governor Pence was actually supporting Donald Trump for the Republican nominee. After the time spent lauding Trump versus the time he used to highlight the case for Cruz, it would be an obvious conclusion.

“I respect the views of every Hoosier… I urge every Hoosier to make up their own mind… I wanted to make my decision known.” He offered to support “our party’s nominee, whoever that might be.” When prompted, “Who can beat Hillary Clinton?” Pence responded, “I’m for anybody.”

Contrast the lukewarm behavior of Governor Pence regarding Ted Cruz and the genuine enthusiasm of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, toward the same candidate, and the difference is stark. When Governor Walker used the word “endorse” it was emphatic, no explanation necessary. Pence, however, never intended to use it.

Indiana’s primary election on May 3, at least in the presidential sense, may very well decide the “presumptive” nominee in the Republican Party’s presidential race. And this is the level of excitement a sitting
Republican governor of that state exhibits?

Governor Pence reminds me of the old, Cold War Potemkin Village concept so favored by the masters of the once-enslaved Eastern Europeans; presentable frontage, but when you peer behind the façade there’s
little structure; sometimes none at all.

His failures to take “Alamo” positions on critical issues over the last four years (Common Core, natural marriage, the RFRA, and this session, the SO/GI debacle) exemplify his reticence toward endorsement… or a tepid non-endorsement. But then, he did say, “I’m not against anybody.”

Originally Published May 2, 2016.


The Panic Persists

Desperate Times at the Party of Accommodation

Over the last seven years (and the G. W. Bush years prior) conservatives have watched Republicans in Washington cut deals with Democrats, violating our Founding Principles and ignoring the Constitution. Weakening our nation causes them no discomfort.

They break promises repeatedly, yet continue to make promises they have no intention to keep. They abandon their responsibilities under the Constitution, offering no actions to check the growing power of an increasingly dictatorial president. Although they have constitutional authority to check activist courts that redefine or invent law and can override the Supreme Court, no effort comes from a Republican Congress.

Yet, when an election comes around, the RNC extends its hand, asking for our support to fund the continuance of the status quo and careers of moderate incumbents.

Washington, DC will never be free from the corruption of progressive, incumbent Republicans, who are the crux of the problem, if we keep electing them. These careerists are more interested in “cutting deals” with Democrats than defending our Constitution or restoring of our culture.

The last thing constitutional conservatives need is the perpetuation of establishment Republicans who now hold office; who daily betray our principles in the pursuit of expediency of an agenda. And the RNC plans to do all within its power to preserve the “Party of Accommodation.”

Depending on how far the RNC wants to go, they can again ignore voters (as the RNC has in the past, rewriting rules at the 2012 convention in Tampa to shut out Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party activists), rewriting the rules as often as necessary.

But, in the world of the RNC and their consultant dependency, the donors fuel the machine, literally. Trump can complain about “rigging the election” and Cruz can scoop up available delegates every day, but the donors feed the RNC.

The “American Unity Fund” is a consortium of political donors to the Republican Party who are pressing that the official
party platform accommodate liberal inventions such as same-sex “marriage” (or, more accurately, mirage) and other immoral issues that are certain to widen the party’s growing chasm between establishment (moderate) party stalwarts and the evangelical (and conservative) base. You know, the base Jeb Bush loved to loathe. Platform writers at the RNC are heavily influenced by the donors. Principles are sidelined in favor of accommodation. So, in essence, it’s business as usual for 2016.

The middle-class bulk of the electorate is looked upon as an economic negative. As some RNC consultants proclaim, it’s just the “angry, white middle class.” Repeating from the Democrat script, “It’s all those uneducated, Bible-thumping hicks.”

RNC fear of Trump and Cruz is palpable. They are afraid that, if either of them is elected in the primary, their nomination will cause an electoral backlash in the 2016 general election, handing Mrs. Clinton a resounding win. GOP leadership is even afraid that a Hillary victory will have a landslide effect; an avalanche that will also return control of the House and Senate to the Democrats in 2018. No proof of this exists; it’s all conjecture. But they’re in panic mode; grasping for excuses.

On April 26, Trump took primaries in all five states that day; all 60 counties, some with wins as large as 60% of votes cast. GOP consultants dismissed it as “expected.”

Even Ken Cuccinelli with the Cruz campaign, when asked about the 5-for-5 Trump sweep, excused it as, “We don’t win in those states anyway.” No big deal…

The anti-Trump forces at the RNC are becoming desperate; they still think the outsider phenomenon is temporary, that they can “ride it out.”

News for the RNC… this isn’t just a splash in the ocean.

It IS the ocean. And high tide is Cleveland.

Originally Published May 2, 2016

Bathroom Nonsense

‘And Now for Something Completely Different’

Many of us are well aware of the heights that can be achieved by virtuous human nature; the achievements possible given opportunity, skills and desire. We are surprised though, when we are faced with examples of the depths. Perhaps shock is a better word, although the cultural perversity we see on an increasingly regular basis has left us questioning, “How bad can it get?”

With the new victimhood culture built by progressives, no depth is unreachable, no behavior unacceptable. This time, they have manufactured chaos out of a desire to reorient bathroom biology, creating new victims of…restroom discrimination.

Can men frequent women’s restrooms? “Of course,” say Leftists. Could a woman use the men’s facilities? “Why not?”

Right, wrong, and the entire concept of absolutes have been replaced with an illegitimate political construct, drawn from nothing factually determined. It’s what you feel at a given time; truth is relative. The permanence of tradition has been replaced by expediency. Reason and common sense have been overturned by emotion.

The objective of progressive ideology is to dismantle morality; remove the cultural foundation based on truths and human experience. Replace it with the construct of a random system based on whatever is popular, preferred, or accepted at the time.

Do you hold a belief or have an opinion that is contrary to progressive orthodoxy? Or simply have no opinion one way or another because, as in the bathroom follies, the whole premise is ridiculously obnoxious? Then brace yourself for an onslaught of epithets from those on the Left who despise your “indifference.” Words such as “bigot,” “extremist,” and “racist” will be launched at you with unrelenting regularity, for any perceived sleight against any dogma of the Statists. These recent examples illustrate the increasing “push” by the Left:

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia just overturned a local school policy that determined access to restroom facilities based on biology. In other words, where you take care of “nature’s business” is determined by Nature… your God-given gender.

What students perceived themselves to be on any given day didn’t enter into the school’s policy, as it shouldn’t. According to the radical Left, however, that was the school’s error. The administration didn’t consider changing conjecture, so the school is now deemed to be full of bigots.

The court’s ruling was, of course, unconstitutional. But no attention was paid to that inconvenient fact, so it wasn’t addressed. Our courts no longer deal with things lawful or unlawful; no respect for reality or the basis for the law is seen. Everything is gray; perceptions and feelings.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, during President Obama’s recent visit, warned gender-uncertain Brits that they may be “discriminated against” should they decide to travel to that bigoted colonial backwater of North Carolina and use a restroom. No mention was made of vacations to the NC Outer Banks five years ago, when no problems were noted. What had changed since? An agenda had been launched, to create chaos and division in the U.S.

Parents of a child in Great Britain, enrolling their four year-old in school for the first time, were asked to assist in deciding which of 23 gender “identity” choices fit their child best!

If one asks for proof of any prior discrimination, denying restroom access to a “transgender,” progressives will stiffen, accuse, and launch epithets once more. You are not allowed to question their agenda. They claimed it happened, so it must be true; and rights were certainly abridged or abused… even if those “rights” never existed before today.

Once you push a culture beyond the bounds of credibility, past the boundaries of reason, it may not snap back.

It’s time to stand and stop the nonsense.

Originally Published April 25, 2016

Eco-fascism is Here

DOJ ‘Brown Shirts’ on the March

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, climate fear has been cleverly placed,  subtly and incrementally, into our children’s minds. For decades, from elementary school onward, scary scenarios such as nuclear winter, global cooling, global warming, and now, simply climate change, have haunted children’s futures. Politically crafted theories of various doomsday scenarios have been presented, and are to this day, as a fact. Polar bears dying, massive ice melts causing oceans to rise, and other far-fetched threats of disaster, are proselytized to children daily; no scientific proof offered.

Of course, the majority of the damage forecast  is said to be man-made, so we must adjust our behaviors if the planet and its inhabitants are to survive. The president says the “crisis” of man-made global climate change is the greatest threat to mankind, even eclipsing the barbaric, bloody rise of Islamic extremism.

If you ask for hard evidence, however, you are referred to various computer models. Nothing substantive such as historical record is provided. Just, “Trust us; there’s a consensus.” This is problematic for the eco-fascists, since the record does not support their theory of a doomsday climate crisis and science does not operate by consensus. Throw out the scientific method and there can be a consensus on just about anything one can imagine.

Those who doubt the progressives’ scientific consensus story are labeled “skeptics” and “deniers.” As such, their speech cannot be allowed, lest someone ask for proof of the threatened “climate changes” that will cause catastrophe on earth. Since no evidence of the eco-radicals’ claims can be produced, the Green Statists resort to name calling, labeling and demonization. Those usual tactics, however, are now superseded by things much nastier…

If one does not follow the agenda, they are labeled a “denier” and shunned within their community. The Huguenots endured shouts of “Blasphemy!” long before many of them were burned at the stake…

Climate change deniers will not face that barbarity, but they will be economically, and possibly civilly, punished for their “unbelief” – they will be forced to comply.

In March of 2015, Congressman Raoul M. Grijalva (D-AZ) sent a letter to seven groups accused of being “global warming skeptics.” He warned them that their denier positions would not be tolerated. Some who received his threatening letter included The CATO Institute, Koch Industries, and the American Enterprise Institute, all infamous members of “Grijalva’s Deniers.”

Now we have reached the next phase in the Obama Regime’s tightening of the screws to punish deniers. Those who refuse to swallow the agenda of man-made climate change will feel the Statists’ wrath. Accused by the all-knowing EPA, then tried and sentenced by the Obama Regime’s Department of Justice (DOJ), the enforcement arm for political crimes against the State, the punishment will come.

Recently, Attorney General Loretta Lynch informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that the DOJ plans to pursue, as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) elatedly described it, the “climate denial scheme.”

Despite the building mountain of evidence refuting the Obama Regime’s climate alarmism and the UN-IPCC’s claims of imminent global climate catastrophe, the eco-fascists plan to apply the lash. In early April the Competitive Enterprise Institute felt the crackdown on climate dissent from the eco-fascists as they were served a subpoena for all their climate records.

The brown shirts are coming…

Originally published on April 25, 2016

Purging our Warrior Culture

Transforming our military into a new ‘peace corps’

Welcome to the Barack Obama Military – politically correct to the core with a social engineering directive; under-funded fighting forces surviving on fumes for jet fuel (extremely expensive, “green” bio-fuel), borrowed aircraft parts, shortages of practice rounds, anemic pay scales with shrinking benefits, and spiritual disarmament. Demoralization in the ranks of our fighting forces is becoming commonplace.

The president left Iraq on December 18, 2011 and components of the future Islamic State moved into the vacuum. The Obama-inspired “Arab Spring” was planted and an anti-Western tsunami managed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its various jihadist offshoots washed across the Middle East, buoyed by Obama’s policies.

Our imperial president, however, has always been preoccupied with the social engineering possibilities in a new, “transformed military.”

His “new moral authority” turned out to have nothing to do with “moral” anything. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been replaced with acceptance of personal proclivities at any price. Military readiness, cohesion, and survivability of combat units are of secondary concern, sacrificed for self-esteem on the altar of Me. The avoidance of any perceived offense, however insignificant or irrelevant, is the prime directive. Social engineering gymnastics are now the order of the day in the Army of One.

As part of the new gender sensitivity curriculum male ROTC cadets at one academic institution were forced to walk around in women’s high heels so they could “relate” – I’m uncertain any other feminine attire was required for the exercise.

The forced secularization of the military, with its moral implications and spiritual distress, is causing armed forces personnel to reconsider reenlistment. God is being removed from the military culture to be replaced, as with all else, by the State. Forget about the old adage, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Atheists are now camped out in the Pentagon so sermons of chaplains can be checked for content.

The age-old reasons for “why we fight” are no longer taught. Standards are lowered or modified; geared to the lowest common denominator, as in government education, not toward a high achievement standard. In President Obama’s military the new level for performance is “good enough.” Social, biological and psychological criteria unimportant in military applications or deployment situations are now SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

New “Rules of Engagement,” which endanger the lives of our armed personnel exponentially, are another hazard, tying the hands of our combat forces until a lawyer gives the “go.”

A once effective “warrior culture” has been purged through “social experimentation.” The new U.S. military is now a petri dish for cultural change and a “can’t we all just get along” foreign policy.

U.S. Armed Forces, sent to Africa during the Ebola scare as a new extension of the Peace Corps, gave the unmistakable message to Islamist groups: Osama bin Laden’s epithets against the U.S. “paper tiger” were true. Perception is everything.

The final straw, however, and green light to Islamists everywhere, was the directive from the White House’s DOD on December 3, 2015: All restrictions to women serving in combat roles, even special forces, were removed.

Even though in combat men and women are not interchangeable and, in the military, there is no such thing as “gender neutral,” the directive will proceed, devoid of all common sense and concern for national security and human lives that will be lost. The fact that 92.5% of female Army personnel surveyed wanted no part in combat had no effect whatsoever. The theory of the progressive academics prevailed.

In the Obama Regime, ideology wins. Just ask the wounded survivors at Ft. Hood.

Originally published April 18, 2016

Intellectually Vacant

Raising a generation of ignorant citizens

Many of us continue to wonder, “How can these Bernie Sanders minions be so ignorant; unaware of the death toll and societal damage wrought by Socialism and its siblings during the Twentieth Century?” And, “Can they not know that Hillary Clinton plans to deliver the same thing?”

No; they do not “know.” To know implies knowledge, which they do not have. Indoctrination does not imply knowledge.

CBS reported, in a recent poll of Americans aged 18 to 26, the results when those polled were asked the question: “Which is the most compassionate economic system?”

Conducted by Frank Luntz in his “Luntz on the SnapChat Generation’s Shifting Attitudes” survey, the results from “The Youngest Voters” weren’t too shocking. For those unaware of our government education system’s indoctrination gains in the last generation: Socialism scored highest at 58%; Capitalism was next at 33%; and Communism last at 9%. Obviously, Communism wasn’t taught, at least as an extension of Socialism, or it would certainly have scored higher in the minds of the minions.

Apparently, Fascism wasn’t offered as a choice either. One wouldn’t want to confuse the respondents with another variation of Socialism… then there would be more questions as to its relationship to Communism. Maybe Bernie Sanders could explain, since he’s well versed in all three. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wouldn’t offer any perspective on the relationship between the three tyrannical economic systems; that would blow their cover.

The followers and new adherents to Bernie’s Socialism, and the respondents to the Luntz survey, are the products of a vast miseducation of the American electorate, in particular those under 30, who have been taught a false definition of “compassion” or have no clue about economic systems.

These “followers” are not only taught that a centralized system of control such as Socialism is “compassionate,” taking from others against their will to give to others who decline to exercise their will, they are indoctrinated that their own system here in the U.S., Capitalism, is an evil system lacking “compassion.”

Not only do these uneducated believe that fostering dependency is somehow compassionate and that others must support this dependency from the fruits of their labor, giving to those who will not labor, they are taught that the document of law that restricts the dependency of Socialism, the Constitution, is evil at its core.

Bernie’s followers are not taught about the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as foundational to American prosperity, allowing free-market capitalism to thrive and grow an economy that has been the envy of the world. They are not taught the meaning of Liberty and what free men and women can accomplish when unhampered in their private economic pursuits, through their individual liberty and personal ingenuity.

They are ignorant of the freedoms they have that allow them to aspire, and achieve, which they possess from birth, as they are of the documents that protect these freedoms. They are told that they are oppressed; but they are actually oppressed by their own ignorance, through progressive education, which teaches them that they cannot succeed without the hand of government intervention controlling their lives.

Despite softening slightly later in life, South African president Nelson Mandela recalled his Marxist roots as president of the USSR-backed African National Congress (ANC) when he stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Over the last 54 years, this country has suffered under the truth of that axiom.

Originally published on April 18, 2016