The Panic Persists

Desperate Times at the Party of Accommodation

Over the last seven years (and the G. W. Bush years prior) conservatives have watched Republicans in Washington cut deals with Democrats, violating our Founding Principles and ignoring the Constitution. Weakening our nation causes them no discomfort.

They break promises repeatedly, yet continue to make promises they have no intention to keep. They abandon their responsibilities under the Constitution, offering no actions to check the growing power of an increasingly dictatorial president. Although they have constitutional authority to check activist courts that redefine or invent law and can override the Supreme Court, no effort comes from a Republican Congress.

Yet, when an election comes around, the RNC extends its hand, asking for our support to fund the continuance of the status quo and careers of moderate incumbents.

Washington, DC will never be free from the corruption of progressive, incumbent Republicans, who are the crux of the problem, if we keep electing them. These careerists are more interested in “cutting deals” with Democrats than defending our Constitution or restoring of our culture.

The last thing constitutional conservatives need is the perpetuation of establishment Republicans who now hold office; who daily betray our principles in the pursuit of expediency of an agenda. And the RNC plans to do all within its power to preserve the “Party of Accommodation.”

Depending on how far the RNC wants to go, they can again ignore voters (as the RNC has in the past, rewriting rules at the 2012 convention in Tampa to shut out Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party activists), rewriting the rules as often as necessary.

But, in the world of the RNC and their consultant dependency, the donors fuel the machine, literally. Trump can complain about “rigging the election” and Cruz can scoop up available delegates every day, but the donors feed the RNC.

The “American Unity Fund” is a consortium of political donors to the Republican Party who are pressing that the official
party platform accommodate liberal inventions such as same-sex “marriage” (or, more accurately, mirage) and other immoral issues that are certain to widen the party’s growing chasm between establishment (moderate) party stalwarts and the evangelical (and conservative) base. You know, the base Jeb Bush loved to loathe. Platform writers at the RNC are heavily influenced by the donors. Principles are sidelined in favor of accommodation. So, in essence, it’s business as usual for 2016.

The middle-class bulk of the electorate is looked upon as an economic negative. As some RNC consultants proclaim, it’s just the “angry, white middle class.” Repeating from the Democrat script, “It’s all those uneducated, Bible-thumping hicks.”

RNC fear of Trump and Cruz is palpable. They are afraid that, if either of them is elected in the primary, their nomination will cause an electoral backlash in the 2016 general election, handing Mrs. Clinton a resounding win. GOP leadership is even afraid that a Hillary victory will have a landslide effect; an avalanche that will also return control of the House and Senate to the Democrats in 2018. No proof of this exists; it’s all conjecture. But they’re in panic mode; grasping for excuses.

On April 26, Trump took primaries in all five states that day; all 60 counties, some with wins as large as 60% of votes cast. GOP consultants dismissed it as “expected.”

Even Ken Cuccinelli with the Cruz campaign, when asked about the 5-for-5 Trump sweep, excused it as, “We don’t win in those states anyway.” No big deal…

The anti-Trump forces at the RNC are becoming desperate; they still think the outsider phenomenon is temporary, that they can “ride it out.”

News for the RNC… this isn’t just a splash in the ocean.

It IS the ocean. And high tide is Cleveland.

Originally Published May 2, 2016



Misdirection and sloppy analysis

A comparison was once made that conservatives were those who operate on a belief system and progressives were those who operate solely on opportunity.

Although the disparity between the two is not that simplistic, progressives did use another opportunity to spread chaos last month. The Left’s animosity toward a civil society and that society’s treasured right of free speech was on full display in Chicago on March 11. No doubt the progressive statists will replay the Chicago performance elsewhere in the months to come, to hone their ideological fervor before their major mob action staged for the RNC National Convention in Cleveland later this year.

Reasons for this “mob mentality” on the Left are never given by major media, nor explored. This type of behavior would never be exhibited by the Right, but the “why” of this is also never explained. Reluctance to expose the Left’s true intentions is even found daily on the supposedly “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel (FNC).

One can expect loyalty to the Left from the state-run media, since the same ideology permeates their world view. The journalistic education of staff at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. assures it. It’s who they are; what they’re made of.

FNC, early on, was thought to be a counterweight to the “liberal news fodder” of the major networks – an alternative. However, intentionally or not, FNC consistently mischaracterizes conflicts such as that in Chicago, falling back on worn-out phrases such as, “found on the Left and the Right,” or, “both sides are at fault.”

This excuse for the lack of competent reporting and a shallow analysis of events is getting tiresome. Whether in summary statements by pundits or in the content of interviews with political players in current election contests, the pandering is annoying.

Last month, an excellent illustration of this faux fairness of “we report, you decide” was painted by the coverage of the Chicago Left’s spirited welcome for a Donald Trump presidential campaign rally and the refusal to recognize the candidate’s right to free speech. The mob attempted to stop the actual speech, not the hearing of it.

Interviewed on March 12, Republican Party presidential candidate Governor John Kasich said, “Donald [Trump] has created a very toxic environment and it’s really dividing people.” He elaborated that Trump was wrong to “prey on the fears of people” and repeatedly demanded that “Trump needs to stop it… stop dividing people.” The fallacies in his statements are numerous, yet FNC let them hang in the air, unchallenged.

The night before, after broad state-run media coverage glorified the Chicago mob for disrupting the Trump campaign rally, causing its cancellation, another Republican Party presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, and former GOP presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, had offered the same as Kasich, that Donald Trump had instigated the leftist protest in Chicago. Cruz even alluded to a “[Trump] campaign that encourages violence.”

All three are wrong, yet no one on the various FNC broadcasts challenged them on their accusations. Not one commentator reviewed the historical, documented purpose of Leftist mob actions: stop the exercise of free speech.

On his FNC show on Saturday, March 12, Neil Cavuto was put in his place by his guest, former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch. After Neil kept pushing the “both sides are at fault” narrative concerning the Chicago mob’s attacks on free speech, Welch strenuously objected to the ploy.

Despite the evidence of organization by radical leftists for the mob presence in Chicago (George Soros, MoveOn, Bill Ayers, etc.), FNC excused the activity, preferring to point the finger of blame at the Trump organization for stating the obvious.

It’s long overdue that the Left, its players and their purpose, are exposed. There’s nothing balanced about FNC’s coverage.

Originally published April 11, 2016