Punting Benghazi

Trey Gowdy’s Gift to the Obama Regime

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has filed its final report, all 800 pages of it. The investigation into the massacre of four Americans at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 is complete, after over two years of delays and stonewalling by the administration.

Except it isn’t complete. It’s inconclusive as far as culpability is concerned. The report assesses what happened but no responsibility is assigned and no reasons are divulged. As we’ve come to expect from Congressional Republicans (see Fast & Furious, IRS, EPA, etc.), no boats will rock.

It is beyond doubt that Hillary Clinton e-mailed her daughter Chelsea the very night of the attack on the Benghazi compound on September 11, 2012, stating matter-of-factly that the attack was undertaken by an “al Qaeda-type group.”

That same night the State Department issued a public statement, under Secretary Clinton’s own name, wherein it identified the source of the attack on the consulate not as the al Qaeda group Clinton mentioned to Chelsea, but a spontaneous uprising caused by an inflammatory “anti-Muslim video…”

Two days later, on September 14, 2012, the four flag-draped coffins of the Americans slain in Benghazi were unloaded from the transport aircraft and placed inside a hangar. A brief ceremony honoring their service was performed. At its close, Mrs. Clinton assured the surviving family members that the people “responsible for the video” that caused the deaths of their loved ones would be “found and brought to justice.” She knew this to be totally false.

Hillary Clinton lied to their faces, even though she knew the truth about the massacre. She was aware the “filmmaker” of the nearly unknown video, chosen as the scapegoat for this cover-up, was in custody.

The White House prepped Susan Rice as she prepared to visit five Sunday talk shows the following weekend: “Make sure this isn’t about a broader failure of policy in Libya.” The weapons cache in Benghazi, intended for Syrian anti-Assad “freedom fighters,” must not be exposed. Libya was the administration’s success story: another dictator deposed, the Libyan people given their freedom, courtesy of Barack Obama.

We now know that, as the attack was happening in “real time,” the secretary of state and the secretary of defense were in the White House situation room, discussing and assessing the crisis as it unfolded. Half of that hours-long meeting was spent putting the plan together to blame a video for the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Those present knew what was occurring on the ground in Libya, through live data feeds.

When the attack came, a MAST unit (for the purpose of split-second response to a crisis) was 2-3 hours away, in Spain. After the Marines aboard a staged aircraft were ordered to change from uniform to civilian dress and back again, four times, the order to deploy forces was not given. No help would be sent during the eight-hour attack.

Those responsible for defending the nation and its citizens from harm were figuring how this crisis was to be “spun” for the American public. Only 56 days away from the presidential election and President Obama’s mantra of success against al Qaeda must be preserved. “GM is alive, bin Laden’s dead, and al Qaeda is on the run.”

Maintaining “the narrative” would win the election and keep a president in power. Nothing was more important; not the truth or the lives of Americans in Benghazi who had repeatedly begged for an enhanced security perimeter and were flatly denied assistance for their own defense. Who will be held responsible, Rep. Gowdy?

Originally Published July 4, 2016