The Caracas Effect

Individual liberty and personal responsibility are two of the drivers for prosperity in America; free-market capitalism is the powerful economic engine.

In our republic, the government’s role within our “system” is to expand the success of the private sector, to enhance the peoples’ prosperity, to ensure a safe, stable, healthy civil society.

Socialism doesn’t preserve or enhance civil society or generate prosperity; it devours these with powerful, centralized control.

Witness the inevitable results of a socialist utopia in the economic implosion of once-prosperous Venezuela. Its capital, Caracas, is now a black hole of chaos and crisis.

No explanation comes from the Sanders campaign regarding the failed “workers paradise.”


Intellectually Vacant

Raising a generation of ignorant citizens

Many of us continue to wonder, “How can these Bernie Sanders minions be so ignorant; unaware of the death toll and societal damage wrought by Socialism and its siblings during the Twentieth Century?” And, “Can they not know that Hillary Clinton plans to deliver the same thing?”

No; they do not “know.” To know implies knowledge, which they do not have. Indoctrination does not imply knowledge.

CBS reported, in a recent poll of Americans aged 18 to 26, the results when those polled were asked the question: “Which is the most compassionate economic system?”

Conducted by Frank Luntz in his “Luntz on the SnapChat Generation’s Shifting Attitudes” survey, the results from “The Youngest Voters” weren’t too shocking. For those unaware of our government education system’s indoctrination gains in the last generation: Socialism scored highest at 58%; Capitalism was next at 33%; and Communism last at 9%. Obviously, Communism wasn’t taught, at least as an extension of Socialism, or it would certainly have scored higher in the minds of the minions.

Apparently, Fascism wasn’t offered as a choice either. One wouldn’t want to confuse the respondents with another variation of Socialism… then there would be more questions as to its relationship to Communism. Maybe Bernie Sanders could explain, since he’s well versed in all three. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wouldn’t offer any perspective on the relationship between the three tyrannical economic systems; that would blow their cover.

The followers and new adherents to Bernie’s Socialism, and the respondents to the Luntz survey, are the products of a vast miseducation of the American electorate, in particular those under 30, who have been taught a false definition of “compassion” or have no clue about economic systems.

These “followers” are not only taught that a centralized system of control such as Socialism is “compassionate,” taking from others against their will to give to others who decline to exercise their will, they are indoctrinated that their own system here in the U.S., Capitalism, is an evil system lacking “compassion.”

Not only do these uneducated believe that fostering dependency is somehow compassionate and that others must support this dependency from the fruits of their labor, giving to those who will not labor, they are taught that the document of law that restricts the dependency of Socialism, the Constitution, is evil at its core.

Bernie’s followers are not taught about the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as foundational to American prosperity, allowing free-market capitalism to thrive and grow an economy that has been the envy of the world. They are not taught the meaning of Liberty and what free men and women can accomplish when unhampered in their private economic pursuits, through their individual liberty and personal ingenuity.

They are ignorant of the freedoms they have that allow them to aspire, and achieve, which they possess from birth, as they are of the documents that protect these freedoms. They are told that they are oppressed; but they are actually oppressed by their own ignorance, through progressive education, which teaches them that they cannot succeed without the hand of government intervention controlling their lives.

Despite softening slightly later in life, South African president Nelson Mandela recalled his Marxist roots as president of the USSR-backed African National Congress (ANC) when he stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Over the last 54 years, this country has suffered under the truth of that axiom.

Originally published on April 18, 2016

Notes to Bernie

1) The First Amendment doesn’t state that if you carry around a “Vote for Bernie” sign you are inoculated from arrest for the federal crime of stopping free speech by a candidate running for public office in a presidential election. Better warn your supporters before the “protest.”

2) Socialism is not about “elevating people.” It’s about controlling them and limiting choice. In its more radical forms, its about reducing people to automatons who accept the State as their master, replacing God as the supreme authority. Socialism limits liberty; holds people down.

Bernie, you’ve been a Socialist all your life. You should know.

Two Choices

The Year of the Fed Up American

Americans are really tired. No, more than tired; that implies weariness, which is painfully evident.

They’re tired of being held down by the boot of progressivism and repeatedly lied to. The indifference of those in the GOP, elected to oppose the Regime in two landslide historic elections, speaks volumes.

“Fool me twice…” American citizens, voting citizens, are fed up. They’ve had enough with the cavalier attitude of the so-called “political ruling class.”

They are fed up with the constant, oppressive drumbeat of political correctness; stifling speech, association, conscience, and religious expression. Thought control through education, then followed by force.

Americans are fed up with the excuses given for our loss of respect throughout the world, in particular among the nations of the West; the “free” countries that once relied on our strength, fortitude – and reliability. Who believed we honored treaties.

The people are fed up with their shrinking household incomes buying less, as federal, state and local government spending continues to balloon; taxpayer dollars spent on frivolities that add nothing to their families’ well-being. Unemployment, or reduced employment, pushing the “American Dream” out of reach.

They are fed up with the escalating costs of education, health care and other essentials while those here uninvited, illegally, are shown preference over American citizens. Little concern is shown by our immigration agencies as alien invaders raid our national pantry of its goods and services.

American citizens are indeed weary, and fed up, with the excuse of compassion as a reason for lawlessness and indifference regarding our nation’s sovereignty.

On the Left, progressives supporting the Socialist-Democrat Party haven’t gotten enough from government and turn toward the “free college” candidate. They want more government control over our lives and are in lock-step in that regard. Freedom, for them, is secondary to the comfort of the hammock provided by government.

Leftists have an intense dislike for our nation as founded and seek to change it.

Over on the Right, people want less government in their lives, fewer restrictions and more decision making on their own. Independence and freedom are paramount; they move to candidates that promise a smaller nanny state and individual liberty. Conservative Americans believe in the country as founded, dislike the way it has been disfigured and transformed. Particularly, they seek to restore traditional education and preserve our cultural heritage.

For these tired and fed up American voters in this election year, what they want is straight forward – far simpler than the media and politicians paint it to be.

Choose more intrusive government and less control over your destiny? Then you should vote for the Left in the guise of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Do you want less government control, to keep more of your paycheck, and to pursue your American Dream? Then you should vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

You can choose between Socialism and Capitalism; the choice is in your hands.

If only more Americans understood the difference between the two. Leftists who riot in mobs outside of Trump campaign rallies for pay certainly think they do.

Clutching their “Bernie” signs, the Left knows what they want and will take it by force if need be. If they get their way, the future won’t be bright for those who love America as we have known it.

We have two choices; only two.

Originally Published March 21, 2016