“Push Off!”

After an appropriate amount of time on his knees before the Saudi princes, explaining why their perception of his alliance with the Mullahs of Iran was all wrong, President Obama headed to Great Britain to bolster his friend, Prime Minister David Cameron, in his intention to keep Great Britain a member of the European Union (EU).

Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her 90th, which gave the President and First Lady an excuse to appear sincere, while castigating common Brits for their desired exit from the EU.

Obama’s arrogance and pomposity was on full display as he derided the British for even thinking of their own sovereignty.

How could they refuse to help him in the systematic suffocation of the cultures of their fellow members in the EU by waves of Muslim “migrants”?

Why would Britain abandon its role as partner in his “global climate change” ruse? Couldn’t they see that redistribution of wealth is necessary to punish the rich Western economies?

He even warned of U.S. trade actions, should the British leave the EU: “The UK might be at the back of the queue…”

Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister; you invited him. We side with your countrymen in their wishes to our president: “Push off!”

Originally Published on April 25, 2016


Purging our Warrior Culture

Transforming our military into a new ‘peace corps’

Welcome to the Barack Obama Military – politically correct to the core with a social engineering directive; under-funded fighting forces surviving on fumes for jet fuel (extremely expensive, “green” bio-fuel), borrowed aircraft parts, shortages of practice rounds, anemic pay scales with shrinking benefits, and spiritual disarmament. Demoralization in the ranks of our fighting forces is becoming commonplace.

The president left Iraq on December 18, 2011 and components of the future Islamic State moved into the vacuum. The Obama-inspired “Arab Spring” was planted and an anti-Western tsunami managed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its various jihadist offshoots washed across the Middle East, buoyed by Obama’s policies.

Our imperial president, however, has always been preoccupied with the social engineering possibilities in a new, “transformed military.”

His “new moral authority” turned out to have nothing to do with “moral” anything. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been replaced with acceptance of personal proclivities at any price. Military readiness, cohesion, and survivability of combat units are of secondary concern, sacrificed for self-esteem on the altar of Me. The avoidance of any perceived offense, however insignificant or irrelevant, is the prime directive. Social engineering gymnastics are now the order of the day in the Army of One.

As part of the new gender sensitivity curriculum male ROTC cadets at one academic institution were forced to walk around in women’s high heels so they could “relate” – I’m uncertain any other feminine attire was required for the exercise.

The forced secularization of the military, with its moral implications and spiritual distress, is causing armed forces personnel to reconsider reenlistment. God is being removed from the military culture to be replaced, as with all else, by the State. Forget about the old adage, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Atheists are now camped out in the Pentagon so sermons of chaplains can be checked for content.

The age-old reasons for “why we fight” are no longer taught. Standards are lowered or modified; geared to the lowest common denominator, as in government education, not toward a high achievement standard. In President Obama’s military the new level for performance is “good enough.” Social, biological and psychological criteria unimportant in military applications or deployment situations are now SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

New “Rules of Engagement,” which endanger the lives of our armed personnel exponentially, are another hazard, tying the hands of our combat forces until a lawyer gives the “go.”

A once effective “warrior culture” has been purged through “social experimentation.” The new U.S. military is now a petri dish for cultural change and a “can’t we all just get along” foreign policy.

U.S. Armed Forces, sent to Africa during the Ebola scare as a new extension of the Peace Corps, gave the unmistakable message to Islamist groups: Osama bin Laden’s epithets against the U.S. “paper tiger” were true. Perception is everything.

The final straw, however, and green light to Islamists everywhere, was the directive from the White House’s DOD on December 3, 2015: All restrictions to women serving in combat roles, even special forces, were removed.

Even though in combat men and women are not interchangeable and, in the military, there is no such thing as “gender neutral,” the directive will proceed, devoid of all common sense and concern for national security and human lives that will be lost. The fact that 92.5% of female Army personnel surveyed wanted no part in combat had no effect whatsoever. The theory of the progressive academics prevailed.

In the Obama Regime, ideology wins. Just ask the wounded survivors at Ft. Hood.

Originally published April 18, 2016

Patriot’s Side

Vacationing with his family in Cuba the week before Easter, the president interrupted his press conference in Havana to give a 51second response to the March 22nd massacre in Brussels, Belgium earlier that week. The attacks were perpetrated once again by jihadists of the Islamic State (IS), killing 32 and injuring 270.

President Obama paused praise of the Castro Brothers, commenting from Havana, “The world must unite… We must be together regardless of nationality, or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

Possibly unaware that four Americans had lost their lives in the Brussels airport and subway attacks, he did not mention their deaths at the hands of the Islamist butchers of IS. He was concerned with, “Can’t we all just get along?” and… climate change.

Not even a full minute passed, dealing with Islamist attacks in the capital of the European Union and headquarters city of NATO, when he returned to apologies for U.S. oppression toward the people of Cuba.

He waxed poetic, ruminating about the “Two brothers that have been estranged… Cuba built by slaves… as was America.”

Communism enslaved Cuba and turned the former island paradise into a human dungeon. But that was the fault of the U.S. – according to Barack Obama.

When the president commented on “what the Cuban people built… we call it Miami,” he intentionally ignored the fact that Cubans in Miami had been refugees from Fidel Castro’s gulags. These Cubans fled, barely escaping with the clothes on their backs.

Living in Key West, Florida in 1970, I saw the rafts up close, cobbled together with twine, wire and prayers to make it across 90 miles of open ocean to the Keys. These were desperate people fleeing for their lives, not the workers who built a glorious Marxist success story then exported their skills to build Miami. Most perished during the journey, seeking freedom at any cost.

After visiting his comrades in Cuba he tangoed in Argentina, then returned to the U.S. The “Wish you were here!” postcards of President Obama, in front of posters of Che Guevara, will be in your mailbox this week.

A Perversion of Values

Who ARE these people?

Back in August, 2008, during his campaign quest for the U.S. presidency, Barack Obama exposed his twisted ideology, but few listened. The media yawned; he was a Democrat and his radical Marxist ideology didn’t really matter. He was a Democrat.

He believes America is an “imperialist nation.” In his eyes, a threat to peace in the world. His writing has exposed this idea and so have his speeches here and abroad, during campaigns and afterward. To this day he holds it still, as evidenced by changes in our domestic and foreign policy.

America is evil, so our aggressive military stirs hatred around the world and evil spreads. Therefore, reduce the military.

The Islamist butchery and barbarism is simply a reaction to America’s imperialist aggression. As long as we remain the country we are, as founded (in the president’s mind, illegitimately), we will be viewed as oppressors by Muslims. We have taken the wealth of the nations in the Middle East, causing unemployment and poverty. Hence, oppressed people rise up to lash out at Imperial America. This is his understanding.

If only the U.S. would pull back from its leadership role, disarm and withdraw from the world stage, the world would be a more peaceful, safer place. So we did…

Barack Obama’s rush to “reset” our foreign policy failed to address the question from the press, “Why do they hate us?” His reset policy proved dangerously wrong, wreaking more death and destruction, endangering the balance of power in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere.

His ideology and its perversion of “American values” did not have to be taught to his core supporters and staff chosen for his administration. His dedicated followers, in politics, the academy and the sycophantic press, needed no orientation for his ideological agenda; most of them share it enthusiastically. But “American values” is precisely what sets Islam against us.

Since entering public life, his ideological foundation has not changed. He still apologizes for what he calls the “sins of America” everywhere he goes; not humbly, as one asking for forgiveness, but boldly, as the accuser of an already indicted nation.

Other leftists in the Obama Regime continually chant, “This isn’t who we are,” or numerous adaptations of “These aren’t our American values.” The realization that these people have no clue about what those “American values” are, or represent, eventually crystallizes and exposes them.

Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, after the Islamist attacks in Brussels on March 22nd, noted that we must plan a response that is “consistent with our values.”

It’s pathetic, really, that Mrs. Clinton so consistently gets “our values” wrong, going back decades when she was defending Puerto Rican FLAN terrorists for killing American citizens and destruction of their property. She has exhibited repeatedly that she has no love for “American values” (this includes respect for the rule of law…).

Likewise Bernie Sanders, who commented, “As a world community, we must come together.” But we are not a “world community” Bernie. The world is a conglomeration of nations, with different beliefs, cultures and values, most not interchangeable. The U.S. is different than others for a variety of reasons, many of these not shared, including its purpose.

Leftists, however, seek to change this. Their “transformed” America will be built at the expense of those who are forced to build it, against their will.

Can we ever expect the radical Left to embrace American values? No, since their goal is to replace them with something else.

Originally published April 11, 2016