A Perversion of Values

Who ARE these people?

Back in August, 2008, during his campaign quest for the U.S. presidency, Barack Obama exposed his twisted ideology, but few listened. The media yawned; he was a Democrat and his radical Marxist ideology didn’t really matter. He was a Democrat.

He believes America is an “imperialist nation.” In his eyes, a threat to peace in the world. His writing has exposed this idea and so have his speeches here and abroad, during campaigns and afterward. To this day he holds it still, as evidenced by changes in our domestic and foreign policy.

America is evil, so our aggressive military stirs hatred around the world and evil spreads. Therefore, reduce the military.

The Islamist butchery and barbarism is simply a reaction to America’s imperialist aggression. As long as we remain the country we are, as founded (in the president’s mind, illegitimately), we will be viewed as oppressors by Muslims. We have taken the wealth of the nations in the Middle East, causing unemployment and poverty. Hence, oppressed people rise up to lash out at Imperial America. This is his understanding.

If only the U.S. would pull back from its leadership role, disarm and withdraw from the world stage, the world would be a more peaceful, safer place. So we did…

Barack Obama’s rush to “reset” our foreign policy failed to address the question from the press, “Why do they hate us?” His reset policy proved dangerously wrong, wreaking more death and destruction, endangering the balance of power in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere.

His ideology and its perversion of “American values” did not have to be taught to his core supporters and staff chosen for his administration. His dedicated followers, in politics, the academy and the sycophantic press, needed no orientation for his ideological agenda; most of them share it enthusiastically. But “American values” is precisely what sets Islam against us.

Since entering public life, his ideological foundation has not changed. He still apologizes for what he calls the “sins of America” everywhere he goes; not humbly, as one asking for forgiveness, but boldly, as the accuser of an already indicted nation.

Other leftists in the Obama Regime continually chant, “This isn’t who we are,” or numerous adaptations of “These aren’t our American values.” The realization that these people have no clue about what those “American values” are, or represent, eventually crystallizes and exposes them.

Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, after the Islamist attacks in Brussels on March 22nd, noted that we must plan a response that is “consistent with our values.”

It’s pathetic, really, that Mrs. Clinton so consistently gets “our values” wrong, going back decades when she was defending Puerto Rican FLAN terrorists for killing American citizens and destruction of their property. She has exhibited repeatedly that she has no love for “American values” (this includes respect for the rule of law…).

Likewise Bernie Sanders, who commented, “As a world community, we must come together.” But we are not a “world community” Bernie. The world is a conglomeration of nations, with different beliefs, cultures and values, most not interchangeable. The U.S. is different than others for a variety of reasons, many of these not shared, including its purpose.

Leftists, however, seek to change this. Their “transformed” America will be built at the expense of those who are forced to build it, against their will.

Can we ever expect the radical Left to embrace American values? No, since their goal is to replace them with something else.

Originally published April 11, 2016