“Push Off!”

After an appropriate amount of time on his knees before the Saudi princes, explaining why their perception of his alliance with the Mullahs of Iran was all wrong, President Obama headed to Great Britain to bolster his friend, Prime Minister David Cameron, in his intention to keep Great Britain a member of the European Union (EU).

Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her 90th, which gave the President and First Lady an excuse to appear sincere, while castigating common Brits for their desired exit from the EU.

Obama’s arrogance and pomposity was on full display as he derided the British for even thinking of their own sovereignty.

How could they refuse to help him in the systematic suffocation of the cultures of their fellow members in the EU by waves of Muslim “migrants”?

Why would Britain abandon its role as partner in his “global climate change” ruse? Couldn’t they see that redistribution of wealth is necessary to punish the rich Western economies?

He even warned of U.S. trade actions, should the British leave the EU: “The UK might be at the back of the queue…”

Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister; you invited him. We side with your countrymen in their wishes to our president: “Push off!”

Originally Published on April 25, 2016