Purging our Warrior Culture

Transforming our military into a new ‘peace corps’

Welcome to the Barack Obama Military – politically correct to the core with a social engineering directive; under-funded fighting forces surviving on fumes for jet fuel (extremely expensive, “green” bio-fuel), borrowed aircraft parts, shortages of practice rounds, anemic pay scales with shrinking benefits, and spiritual disarmament. Demoralization in the ranks of our fighting forces is becoming commonplace.

The president left Iraq on December 18, 2011 and components of the future Islamic State moved into the vacuum. The Obama-inspired “Arab Spring” was planted and an anti-Western tsunami managed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its various jihadist offshoots washed across the Middle East, buoyed by Obama’s policies.

Our imperial president, however, has always been preoccupied with the social engineering possibilities in a new, “transformed military.”

His “new moral authority” turned out to have nothing to do with “moral” anything. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been replaced with acceptance of personal proclivities at any price. Military readiness, cohesion, and survivability of combat units are of secondary concern, sacrificed for self-esteem on the altar of Me. The avoidance of any perceived offense, however insignificant or irrelevant, is the prime directive. Social engineering gymnastics are now the order of the day in the Army of One.

As part of the new gender sensitivity curriculum male ROTC cadets at one academic institution were forced to walk around in women’s high heels so they could “relate” – I’m uncertain any other feminine attire was required for the exercise.

The forced secularization of the military, with its moral implications and spiritual distress, is causing armed forces personnel to reconsider reenlistment. God is being removed from the military culture to be replaced, as with all else, by the State. Forget about the old adage, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Atheists are now camped out in the Pentagon so sermons of chaplains can be checked for content.

The age-old reasons for “why we fight” are no longer taught. Standards are lowered or modified; geared to the lowest common denominator, as in government education, not toward a high achievement standard. In President Obama’s military the new level for performance is “good enough.” Social, biological and psychological criteria unimportant in military applications or deployment situations are now SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

New “Rules of Engagement,” which endanger the lives of our armed personnel exponentially, are another hazard, tying the hands of our combat forces until a lawyer gives the “go.”

A once effective “warrior culture” has been purged through “social experimentation.” The new U.S. military is now a petri dish for cultural change and a “can’t we all just get along” foreign policy.

U.S. Armed Forces, sent to Africa during the Ebola scare as a new extension of the Peace Corps, gave the unmistakable message to Islamist groups: Osama bin Laden’s epithets against the U.S. “paper tiger” were true. Perception is everything.

The final straw, however, and green light to Islamists everywhere, was the directive from the White House’s DOD on December 3, 2015: All restrictions to women serving in combat roles, even special forces, were removed.

Even though in combat men and women are not interchangeable and, in the military, there is no such thing as “gender neutral,” the directive will proceed, devoid of all common sense and concern for national security and human lives that will be lost. The fact that 92.5% of female Army personnel surveyed wanted no part in combat had no effect whatsoever. The theory of the progressive academics prevailed.

In the Obama Regime, ideology wins. Just ask the wounded survivors at Ft. Hood.

Originally published April 18, 2016


White Privilege

‘Diversifying’ the Military

At a debate in Flint, Michigan prior to a Fox News Channel town hall program, Socialist-Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had noted that “white people” don’t know “what it’s like to be poor.” The myth of “white privilege” as a racial wedge of the Left will now be used in the 2016 elections and ignored by the GOP.

Apparently, Bernie has never traveled the majority white small towns in and around the Appalachian Mountains in western Virginia, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. Obviously, Mr. Sanders has not bothered to tour the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

He should make an effort. There are plenty of “white poor” in those geographic areas, and the vast majority of what we call “poor” people in this country are white.

As all dedicated socialists, Bernie believes young black men are victims of an unjust society, oppressive since it was created. He believes black Americans are held back and held down by “white privilege” fostered by a corrupt political system and an economic system that creates inequality.

If only progressives would stop the group warfare, the identity politics, and pay attention to individual liberty. Looking at people as individuals is nearly impossible for a progressive, particularly a life-long Marxist like Bernie. If he did so, Bernie would have to find another way to control “the people,” white or any other color. And so would our imperial president.

We have seen the ridiculous, warped “white privilege” curriculums in many of our enlightened institutions of higher education and, sadly, it now creeps into our lower grades to corrupt younger children.

But that’s not the complete scheme of the twisted Obama Regime agenda, to “get them while they’re young.” When you cannot take advantage of inexperience and ignorance, use force to gain adherents.

The Obama Regime has instituted “diversity training” for our armed forces, but it has nothing to do with diversity and everything to do with instilling racial division.

Last April, a “white privilege warning” appeared in a slide show presentation given to personnel who were attending a U.S. Army Diversity Briefing:

“Privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to another simply because of the group they belong to, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do.”

It explained further,

“Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual regardless of your social class.”

Judicial Watch, the organization that uncovered this diabolical abuse of military training, also exposed documents in military training materials that labeled conservative organizations in the U.S. as “hate groups” and described them as “politically charged in a hateful fashion.”

That list includes evangelical Christians, members of the NRA, Tea Party movement members, supporters of traditional marriage, pro-life groups, etc. Generally, anyone who’s conservative.

And, since there are lots of patriotic conservatives who proudly serve in the armed forces of this nation, how can the branches of our military complete the transformation to a gentler, milder, more compassionate “force for good”? And how can they possibly understand “white privilege”?

Their attitudes must be changed; to accept things formerly unacceptable, to embrace practices and priorities that have no place in an effective military unit.

The social experimentation laboratory formerly known as the Armed Forces of the United States of America once existed to defeat any enemy, protect the nation and defend the Constitution. It killed enemies and destroyed things; that’s what it’s for.

It shouldn’t be used to make social engineering a profitable career for progressive bureaucrats or to pretend “white privilege” can be found in the U.S. Navy SEALs.

Originally Published March 14th, 2016.