Bathroom Nonsense

‘And Now for Something Completely Different’

Many of us are well aware of the heights that can be achieved by virtuous human nature; the achievements possible given opportunity, skills and desire. We are surprised though, when we are faced with examples of the depths. Perhaps shock is a better word, although the cultural perversity we see on an increasingly regular basis has left us questioning, “How bad can it get?”

With the new victimhood culture built by progressives, no depth is unreachable, no behavior unacceptable. This time, they have manufactured chaos out of a desire to reorient bathroom biology, creating new victims of…restroom discrimination.

Can men frequent women’s restrooms? “Of course,” say Leftists. Could a woman use the men’s facilities? “Why not?”

Right, wrong, and the entire concept of absolutes have been replaced with an illegitimate political construct, drawn from nothing factually determined. It’s what you feel at a given time; truth is relative. The permanence of tradition has been replaced by expediency. Reason and common sense have been overturned by emotion.

The objective of progressive ideology is to dismantle morality; remove the cultural foundation based on truths and human experience. Replace it with the construct of a random system based on whatever is popular, preferred, or accepted at the time.

Do you hold a belief or have an opinion that is contrary to progressive orthodoxy? Or simply have no opinion one way or another because, as in the bathroom follies, the whole premise is ridiculously obnoxious? Then brace yourself for an onslaught of epithets from those on the Left who despise your “indifference.” Words such as “bigot,” “extremist,” and “racist” will be launched at you with unrelenting regularity, for any perceived sleight against any dogma of the Statists. These recent examples illustrate the increasing “push” by the Left:

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia just overturned a local school policy that determined access to restroom facilities based on biology. In other words, where you take care of “nature’s business” is determined by Nature… your God-given gender.

What students perceived themselves to be on any given day didn’t enter into the school’s policy, as it shouldn’t. According to the radical Left, however, that was the school’s error. The administration didn’t consider changing conjecture, so the school is now deemed to be full of bigots.

The court’s ruling was, of course, unconstitutional. But no attention was paid to that inconvenient fact, so it wasn’t addressed. Our courts no longer deal with things lawful or unlawful; no respect for reality or the basis for the law is seen. Everything is gray; perceptions and feelings.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, during President Obama’s recent visit, warned gender-uncertain Brits that they may be “discriminated against” should they decide to travel to that bigoted colonial backwater of North Carolina and use a restroom. No mention was made of vacations to the NC Outer Banks five years ago, when no problems were noted. What had changed since? An agenda had been launched, to create chaos and division in the U.S.

Parents of a child in Great Britain, enrolling their four year-old in school for the first time, were asked to assist in deciding which of 23 gender “identity” choices fit their child best!

If one asks for proof of any prior discrimination, denying restroom access to a “transgender,” progressives will stiffen, accuse, and launch epithets once more. You are not allowed to question their agenda. They claimed it happened, so it must be true; and rights were certainly abridged or abused… even if those “rights” never existed before today.

Once you push a culture beyond the bounds of credibility, past the boundaries of reason, it may not snap back.

It’s time to stand and stop the nonsense.

Originally Published April 25, 2016