Eco-fascism is Here

DOJ ‘Brown Shirts’ on the March

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, climate fear has been cleverly placed,  subtly and incrementally, into our children’s minds. For decades, from elementary school onward, scary scenarios such as nuclear winter, global cooling, global warming, and now, simply climate change, have haunted children’s futures. Politically crafted theories of various doomsday scenarios have been presented, and are to this day, as a fact. Polar bears dying, massive ice melts causing oceans to rise, and other far-fetched threats of disaster, are proselytized to children daily; no scientific proof offered.

Of course, the majority of the damage forecast  is said to be man-made, so we must adjust our behaviors if the planet and its inhabitants are to survive. The president says the “crisis” of man-made global climate change is the greatest threat to mankind, even eclipsing the barbaric, bloody rise of Islamic extremism.

If you ask for hard evidence, however, you are referred to various computer models. Nothing substantive such as historical record is provided. Just, “Trust us; there’s a consensus.” This is problematic for the eco-fascists, since the record does not support their theory of a doomsday climate crisis and science does not operate by consensus. Throw out the scientific method and there can be a consensus on just about anything one can imagine.

Those who doubt the progressives’ scientific consensus story are labeled “skeptics” and “deniers.” As such, their speech cannot be allowed, lest someone ask for proof of the threatened “climate changes” that will cause catastrophe on earth. Since no evidence of the eco-radicals’ claims can be produced, the Green Statists resort to name calling, labeling and demonization. Those usual tactics, however, are now superseded by things much nastier…

If one does not follow the agenda, they are labeled a “denier” and shunned within their community. The Huguenots endured shouts of “Blasphemy!” long before many of them were burned at the stake…

Climate change deniers will not face that barbarity, but they will be economically, and possibly civilly, punished for their “unbelief” – they will be forced to comply.

In March of 2015, Congressman Raoul M. Grijalva (D-AZ) sent a letter to seven groups accused of being “global warming skeptics.” He warned them that their denier positions would not be tolerated. Some who received his threatening letter included The CATO Institute, Koch Industries, and the American Enterprise Institute, all infamous members of “Grijalva’s Deniers.”

Now we have reached the next phase in the Obama Regime’s tightening of the screws to punish deniers. Those who refuse to swallow the agenda of man-made climate change will feel the Statists’ wrath. Accused by the all-knowing EPA, then tried and sentenced by the Obama Regime’s Department of Justice (DOJ), the enforcement arm for political crimes against the State, the punishment will come.

Recently, Attorney General Loretta Lynch informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that the DOJ plans to pursue, as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) elatedly described it, the “climate denial scheme.”

Despite the building mountain of evidence refuting the Obama Regime’s climate alarmism and the UN-IPCC’s claims of imminent global climate catastrophe, the eco-fascists plan to apply the lash. In early April the Competitive Enterprise Institute felt the crackdown on climate dissent from the eco-fascists as they were served a subpoena for all their climate records.

The brown shirts are coming…

Originally published on April 25, 2016


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