Reinventing Reality

Leftist rewriting of U.S. History, uncontested

When the state-run media jumped on Donald Trump for a failure to “disavow” David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) on a Sunday talk show a week ago, Hillary Clinton launched on Mr. Trump with blow after blow of disparaging remarks, even though Mr. Trump had done his “disavow” duty repeatedly just a few days before.

If there’s an opportunity to shout the word “bigot” or “racist,” Leftists are plentiful and will jump at the chance, as some of us found while scouring the press after the accusations against Mr. Trump.

I discovered, however, there was little pushback from establishment Republicans, despite the target of Hillary Clinton and her sordid past, particularly her comments at the death of Senator Robert C. Byrd (DWV) a few years ago:

“Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor, Robert C. Byrd.” She went on to laud the fallen Democrat senator’s “surpassing eloquence and nobility” and appreciated “his devotion and friendship” to her and her husband, Bill Clinton (whose mentors in Arkansas were also racists).

Mrs. Clinton described Senator Byrd as “the heart and soul” of the U.S. Senate and praised his “fierce defense of the Constitution.” She said he “left an indelible imprint on our nation.” And indeed he did.

At 24 years of age, Robert Byrd had joined the Ku Klux Klan because he felt he may have to fight alongside black Americans in World War II or, as he described them in a letter expressing his fear and displeasure at the time, “race mongrels.”

In the 1930s, as Grand Kleagle of the KKK, Byrd was responsible for recruiting and retaining young racists. In that office, he no doubt educated his racist recruits in the fine art of Klan vocabulary used to describe a large segment of the human race.

Robert Byrd is enshrined, along with another Hillary mentor, eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, as a Democrat icon, worthy of respect and admiration. Mrs. Clinton looked up to Byrd as an honorable man and likely
still does. And because he was of the Left, his legacy is unapproachable. His life of racism is unquestioned, since its very existence is part of the history of the Left.

Racism in this country has its roots among Democrats, since long before the War Between the States, and present day Socialist-Democrats use it at every turn, to vilify and destroy their political opponents, accusing them of what the Left really does. The Left simply reinvents reality.

A perfect example is the complete inversion of the long-term associations of the Klan. Present day progressives have tied the actions of the supremacist Klan to political entities on the Right, when core beliefs and practices of the Klan are solidly on the Left. Their ties to fascist groups is one example. Another is simply their history. As author and columnist Jeffrey Lord has described it, the KKK was for decades “the shock troop arm of the Democrat Party.” Used as it is today, the modern Republican establishment should think it still is; but observing their actions, they don’t connect the dots.

Every time the charge of “racist” is thrown at them, election cycle or not, at town hall gatherings or in Congress, instead of opening the pages of history and exposing the threads of racism throughout the party of the Left, the GOP cowers in fear, even though the allegations of racism are completely false.

For some reason, the party of Lincoln cannot defend itself from the former proponents of slavery, even though Jim Crow laws were the invention of Democrats.

It’s amazing how history can be rewritten and reality reinvented, its known facts ignored, with little objection or outrage from the supposed “opposition” party.

Why should the Republican Party give the Socialist-Democrat Party a pass? Why allow the abuse of history, misleading people with a reinvention of “racism” reality?

EnoughReadTheConstOriginally published March 7, 2016


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