Republican Party leadership in a panic of their own creation

Campaigning in New Hampshire, Republican Party presidential candidate John “Can’t We All Get Along” Kasich implied he was further to the left than Hillary Clinton. He urged New Hampshire Democrat voters to choose him if they were split between Bernie Sanders and Mrs. Clinton. Squish, squish; the ability of establishment Republicans to morph into what they think the “majority of voters want” is sickening.

Kasich showed no recognition of the gravity of the voters’ anger, proudly asking them to allow him to claim the mantle of potential Compromiser in Chief. Some of the gullible believed; Kasich placed second in the New Hampshire Republican primary election the week after his comment.

He has no clue that the only difference between the two Democrat Party candidates is superficial. Bernie Sanders defines himself as a Socialist-Democrat; Hillary Clinton is more devious and secretive, but her core is Socialist. Her roots go all the way back to Saul Alinsky; it’s only her “cover” that changes as politically required. The Democrat Party is her vehicle to power.

Unbelievably, the RNC thinks they can compromise with either one, when there is no real “common ground” on issues.

“If I am elected, I will not blame Obama for a single thing,” explained Jeb Bush in a recent interview. He’s “really tired of those presidents who blame their predecessors.” So Jeb sees no reason to blame the one president who has damaged our country more than any other since FDR and has debased the very concept of our nation? This, from the candidate whose brother and his political party, while in a second term in the White House, made the ascendancy of Barack Obama possible?

Why won’t they awake from the stupor that cost them the last two presidential elections? Can they not grasp the meaning behind the earthquakes that gave them the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014?

The “wake up call” from the GOP base wasn’t ignored, it was refused. Conservatives, evangelicals, and Tea Party members were demonized and alienated, attacked by the RNC and GOP leadership, often individually, for their “extremism,” and their inability to “get along.” Our nation’s Founding Principles have been shredded by the very people who, under sworn oath, were empowered to defend them.

With few exceptions, the GOP did nothing to fight the plague of insidious progressivism, but was instead cooperative.

Massive voter movement toward Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and, to a lesser extent, Ben Carson, is a direct result of GOP indifference toward Barack Obama. Yet the RNC continues to blame thevoters, when the ignorance of the battle and a lack of strategy to win it sit squarely with the Republican Party leadership.

Donald Trump takes the win in New Hampshire and, now in a panic, they still cannot understandwhy he is successful.

Attacks against Marco Rubio for his exposure of the truth at the RNC debate prior to the New Hampshire primary reveals massive ignorance within the Republican leadership, and exposes their complicity.

What Rubio stated at the debate over a week ago (that got Chris Christie so incensed) bears repeating, again and again, until the GOP leadership fully comprehends the substance in the “robotic repetition.”

Will the RNC listen? Not when they’re in a panic, trying to find excuses for their chosen candidate’s failure to attract voters. Republican leadership can’t attack the president’s schemes as intentional; not when they’ve had a hand in his success. Sadly, repeating the truth will have no effect.


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