When is it Enough?

Clinton Chronicles of Corruption

On February 15, another 550 of Hillary Clinton’s thousands of e-mails were found to contain classified intelligence. These were classified due to content or subject matter when they reached Mrs. Clinton’s server, not later. Several were deemed as Top Secret by intelligence agencies.

Just ten days later, on February 25, and only two days before the South Carolina Socialist-Democrat primary, an additional 1,500 State Department e-mails were released. These revealed another 88 e-mails that were classified. E-mails found on Hillary’s private, non-government server containing classified information important or vital to U.S. security now total 1,819.

For nearly a year, however, Mrs. Clinton has adamantly lied about this.

As long as the FBI and State Department officials dig, the higher the number will go and the deeper Mrs. Clinton will sink, in a morass of corruption caused by her own lust for money and power.

Despite all of Mrs. Clinton’s previous escapades and adventures; cattle futures, White Water, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Travel Gate, File Gate, illegal campaign contributions from foreign donors (chiefly, Red China), Bill’s indiscretions with a host of females past and present, his impeachment, her Saudi involvements, Russian control over 20% of U.S. uranium output, and complicity in the Benghazi massacre… this latest round of corruption, dishonesty and diversion may be her last rodeo.

We can only pray that this long-running immorality play and soap opera, the “Misadventures of Bill and Hill” now showcases Hillary center-stage. After dozens of books and thousands of articles have been written about the “Clinton Syndicate” over two decades, not to mention the lawsuits, this performance by Hillary while acting as secretary of state could be the capstone. Her achievements in organized corruption through public office as well as earlier “private” positions, is ignored or downplayed by the state-run media. But now, the Internet and organizations such as Judicial Watch can expose the crimes…

Consider what Mrs. Clinton faces in her final act on the political stage as presidential candidate for the Socialist-Democrat Party in 2016:

  • Health problems
  • Penchant for pathological lying (noteworthy in the Benghazi scandal with lies delivered face-to-face to the survivors of the victims)
  • Exposure from illegal communications while secretary of state (server lies, security status lies, memo retention lies)
  • Clinton Foundation deals (peddling influence among heads of state from other nations to generate cash, using her husband as bagman and income source)
  • Employment of Sid Blumenthal, despite orders from the White House, as under-the-radar business front man and informant for the Clinton Foundation
  • Rise of the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and numerous nations across the globe
  • A resurgent Russia, met with little resistance from Hillary’s State Department (Ukraine, the Crimea, etc.)

The list could go on, but above all this is the arrogance, the “above the law” attitude that she is untouchable – and inevitable as a candidate for our highest office.

On the presidential campaign trail her claims of achievement get little rebuttal and questions regarding the 150 FBI agents working her e-mail fraud case are ignored.

According to former U.S. district attorney Rudy Giuliani, Mrs. Clinton’s offenses up to January 25, 2016 put her in jeopardy for violating at least 15 statutes under U.S. law (18USC), many of these felonies.

Will the “Clinton Chronicles of Corruption” never end, without a RICO lawsuit?

And will the Republican Party leadership keep granting her immunity to justice, even in the court of public opinion?